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Junior Eurovision Roundup: Shavnabada Tour Marches On, Portugal Returns

Eurovision fans will have been treated to two separate Shavnabada displays this week, with their appearance as backing singers in Georgia’s Eurovision 2019 entry by Oto Nemsadze, “Keep on Going,” and in the fourth week of რანინა (Ranina), Georgia Public Broadcasting’s method of selection for Junior Eurovision 2019 in Gliwice, Poland, on November 24, 2019. Four “tours” of different themes …

Junior Eurovision RoundUp: Georgian folk tour on Ranina, Animal Drive EP released, ZENA in Amsterdam

A recent argument among fans of Eurovision is the use of The Idol, X Factor, The Voice or similar singing contest to select an entrant for Eurovision. Many fans view it as a negative influence on the contest, arguing that these contests devalue Eurovision by countries losing their identity by sending generic entrants who favor generic songs. A counterpoint is …

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