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Transgender contestant Anastasia confirmed to appear on Georgian Idol

After a week of speculation on social media, the Georgian Public Broadcaster officially confirmed today that transgender singer Anastasia will appear on this Saturday’s episode of Sakartvelos Varsk’vlavi, the Georgian version of the Idol franchise and the country’s selection process for their representative at Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Eagle-eyed fans caught a brief glimpse of Anastasia on the …

Georgia: Auditions are underway for Georgia’s Star

Georgia’s Star (Sakartvelos Varsk’vlavi), the new TV series that will follow in a similar vein to the international Idol series, is already underway, and budding artists and aspiring singers across the Caucasian country have been giving their all in the audition stages over the past few days. The new production from GPB, which will select both the artist and song …

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