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The ESC United “Expert” Panel 2018 – Armenia

The “Expert” Panel is certainly hotting up now! With just 15 songs left, can any of the remaining entries snatch the title from Israel? We shall see… first up, let’s take a look at how Sweden got on with #YOU, our loyal readers! Kevan1994 (Forum) – “I’ve started to enjoy this song significantly more when it plays while I’m walking somewhere. …

Armenia: Sevak Khanaghyan’s “Qami” Offical Video release

As previously reported, Sevak Khanagyhan is going to represent Armenia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal with his entry “Qami”. The Armenian broadcaster teased us with a snippet a few days ago, and now the full Official Preview video is available for your viewing & listening pleasure.   Below is the full statement of the Public Television Company …

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