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Did Maastricht ruin their own chances to be the Eurovision 2020 hosts?

We know that Eurovision 2020 will be held in Rotterdam for about 2 weeks now. They defeated many other viable opponents to be the host of next year’s contest. The big “fight” was between them and Maastricht. Rotterdam got the rights to host Eurovision 2020 and Maastricht was left with nothing.  According to a Belgian newspaper, De Morgen, the governing …

We are going to Rotterdam!!!

[Adsense-B] The Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS has just finished the mini broadcast. We now know that Eurovision 2020 will be held in Rotterdam. They also revealed when the contest will be taking place, ! The group of potential host cities got whittled down in a rapid pace. At first there were 8 interested, then there were 5 serious host-bids and the …

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