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The Road to Malmo: Latvia; Interview with Peo Nylén (music publisher representing Dzisema 2013 and Melodifestivalen entries)

Peo Nylén is a music publisher for Scandinavian Songs AB.  You may not know his name off-hand but he has been a part numerous Eurovision and National Selection songs in the past twenty years, including Ines “Once in a Lifetime,” Pirates of the Sea “Wolves of the Sea,” and Rollo and King “Never Ever Let You Go.” This year, Peo …

The Road to Malmo: Latvia; Interview with Filip Lindfors (composer of Dziesma 2013 entries “Upside Down” and “Phoenix Fly”)

As the Dziesma 2013, the National Selection for Latvia’s 2013 Eurovision entry, approaches, ESC UNITED’s Zack were fortunate enough to talk with Filip Lindfors, composer of not one, but TWO entries: “Upside Down” and “Phoenix Fly.” ESC UNITED: Hi Filip!  Congratulations on your success in Dziesma 2013.  “Upside Down” is one of my favorite songs from the bunch.  How would …

Emmelie de Forest wins the Danish selection and will be performing ‘Only Teardrops’ in Malmo

Melissa was fortunate enough to go the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix today. She has just sent us this fantastic report! Thanks so much Melissa! —————————– Fighting off a last minute challenge from Mohammed Ali, the drum heavy folk track from Emmeli de Forest “Only Teardrops” managed to score the televote majority after levelling with the ‘Unbreakable’ singer during the Jury …

Norway: Semi Final 2 – Meet the three Qualifiers

The second Semi Final is over and Norway has voted 3 more songs into the Final show. Let’s find out who they are:     Annsofi – I’m with you [vsw id=”LYXSXx6GNWk” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]   Fjellfolk – Ulvetuva [vsw id=”5e0MqdRROCA” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]   Margaret Berger – I feed you my love [vsw id=”bgGiBRj0yns” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]    

Key Changes in ESC – A Eurovision strategy?

What components make up a memorable and successful Eurovision Song Contest entry?  In the recent era of Eurovision, there have been a number of strategies entries have utilized, including: –        Wind machines (France 2012; Denmark 2010) –        On-stage costume changes (Croatia 2011; Latvia 2002; Netherlands 2000) –        Drag queens (Denmark 2007; Ukraine 2007; Slovenia 2002) –        Break dancers (almost every …

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