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Heat 2 of A Dal 2013 (Hungary)

Heat 2 of A Dal 2013 has selected six more qualifiers via televoting and jury votes. The three acts advancing via jury votes are: Plastikhead f/ Laci Gaspar – A szeretet el (Love is Alive) Odett – Ne engedj el (Don’t Let Me Go) Kallay-Saunders – My Baby The three acts advancing via televoting are: Tamas Vastag – Holnaptol (From …

Heat 1 of A Dal 2013 (Hungary)

So as I watch A Dal 2013 and Melodifestivalen 2013, I can tell the budgets are a bit disparate between the two.  Still, I think tonight’s show did a great job.  It’s a bit more hands-on in the sense that the jurors provide feedback for the artists.  But at the same time, it makes it come off as a bit …

Hungary – Listen to the songs Part 2

The Hungarian broadcaster MTV has released all 30 songs and for your convenience, we have them all ready for your viewing (and listening) pleasure. “A Dal” Finale will take place on March 2nd. The 30 songs will divided into three group and 6 songs from each group will move on to the Semi Finals. Click here to listen to the …

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