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Yulia Samoilova to return to Crimea

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As you will be well aware – Russia were set to perform in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest but due to their chosen representative having previously visited Crimea Ukrainian authorities decided she would receive a 3 year ban from Ukraine and therefore unable to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. But… That’s old news, what is interesting is that Yulia is returning to Crimea to perform on the same day as the 1st Semi-Final on the 9th of May.

The 9th of May is Victory Day in Russia, which celebrates the Soviet victory in World War 2, a day which sees huge celebration. Sevastopol will be celebrating Victory Day with a concert in which Yulia will be performing.

Will Yulia perform her (would have been) Eurovision entry “Fire is Burning”? I’m sure we will all fine out on the 10th of May, considering we will all be watching the First Semi-Final when Yulia will be performing in Crimea.

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