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Norway: JOWST “It’s about going outside your comfort zone”

Norway will also choose it’s representative tonight. 10 acts will compete and the winner will be in Kyiv this May. This year, international juries will be reintroduced into the Melodi Grand Prix format; international juries were previously used to select Norway’s entries in 1985 and 1995, which resulted in the selection of songs that went on to win the Eurovision Song Contest. Today Jowst has …

Norway: 10 finalists for the Norsk Melodi Grand Prix has been released

This morning, NRK the Norwagian broadcaster has released the 10 finalists for the upcoming Norsk Melodi Grand Prix which is scheduled for the 11th March in Oslo. The artists are as follows :- Ammunition – Wrecking Crew Ulrikke – Places Amina Sewali – Mesterverk JOWST – Grab The Moment Kristian Valen – You & I Elin & The woods – …

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