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Germany: Michael Schulte “To sit on the couch hoping for points will be a very exciting moment”

Last week, our Danish correspondent Christian was in London for the Eurovision Party held annually at the Café de Paris, where he got the chance to sit down with Germany’s Michael Schulte ahead of his travels to Lisbon. Christian and Michael spoke about the anticipation to be in the Eurovision experience first-hand, the change of direction from Germany and whether …

The ESC United “Expert” Panel 2018 – Germany

Almost time for us to review another member of the big five, as Germany’s Michael Schulte faces the panel. But first, the small matter of discovering what #YOU thought of this year’s big favourite, Israel, and there were many strong opinions on this one… Stephanie S. (Facebook) – “I really feel like I’m among the few who refuse to buy …

Germany: Meet the candidates

Earlier today we found out who will participated in German national final. Now we will tell you something about every competing act. Xavier Darcy – He is a 22 years old singer/songwriter from Munich, but he has some British and French roots. This year, he released his debut album “Darcy”, which was in the Top 50 of the iTunes charts. Before this, he …



Eurovision 2019 calendar