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Manel Navarro (Spain) Interview: “I’m going to bring my band, no dancers”

We recently had a chance to meet Manel Navarro, who is going to represent Spain the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, Ukraine this May. Manel gave us a quick overview of him as an artist and what he likes to do. Interviewer Fernando asked him about the upcoming performance in Kiev and what to expect, find out what Manel shares …

Poll: Who is the best of the Big 5?

Over the weekend something remarkable happened, perhaps unprecedented in recent years of the contest. By February 12th, all five members of the special Big 5 group decided on their entries for Eurovision 2017, far earlier than in recent years! The good thing about this year’s crop is that the Big 5 have once again put forward a strong showing for …

Live Stream – Kyiv Rehearsals

Eurovision 2017 CD