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The ESC United “Expert” Panel 2018 – (FYR) Macedonia

It’s really beginning to hot up now as we move onto the fourth song in the “Expert” Panel, but more on that later… yesterday we asked what #YOU thought of Eleni Foureira’s “Fuego” and here is a small selection of what #YOU said; BernadetteCydonia (Forum) – “It has quite everything to certify this as a summer hit. Infectious beats? Check. …

Macedonia: Eye Cue’s “Lost and Found” released

The Eurovision selection season is in its dying embers, but there’s still a lot of energy to be had in the last few entries to surface! Macedonia (FYR)’s entry had been going quietly under the radar for the past few weeks, but now the group Eye Cue have released their explosive and upbeat entry “Lost and Found”, which sees jarring …

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