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Eurovision In Concert – View From The Audience

This editorial is written from the opinion of the author and does not represent the views of the other editors, the EBU or escYOUnited as a whole. Last weekend, over three quarters of this year’s Eurovision acts headed to Amsterdam and the AFAS Live arena for the tenth Eurovision in Concert. I’m sure many of you will have seen their …

The ESC United “Expert” Panel 2018 – Estonia

While we will be discussing two unique and completely different entries in this article, we must stop first with Georgia’s “For You”. What did #YOU think of their song this year? Kairit (Forum) – “So grateful we have this song this year and Georgia is staying true to themselves and bringing something ethnic and very unique in this year’s context, …

The ESC United “Expert” Panel 2018 – Armenia

The “Expert” Panel is certainly hotting up now! With just 15 songs left, can any of the remaining entries snatch the title from Israel? We shall see… first up, let’s take a look at how Sweden got on with #YOU, our loyal readers! Kevan1994 (Forum) – “I’ve started to enjoy this song significantly more when it plays while I’m walking somewhere. …

The ESC United “Expert” Panel 2018 – Sweden

We’re almost ready to dissect one of the most scrutinised entry of each year in Sweden, but we must remain with their Nordic counterpart for now. What did #YOU think of the Iceland entry? Sammy (Forum) – “The song may be dated or even kitsch. He’s adorable” Citelis (Forum) – “It’s not that bad! It’s outdated for sure and doesn’t …

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