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Romania set for biggest national final ever

Romania’s TVR has revealed more information about the country’s participation in Lisbon, with the broadcaster confirming the largest Selecţia Naţională in the nation’s Eurovision history in a surprise move. The national selection for 2018 will consist of no less than five semi-finals with a grand final from these shows, as well as a lengthy deliberation process and online voting system …

Romania: Official video for “Yodel It!” released

It’s one of the love-hate songs of the year, but after the video release, the song has gone up a notch in epicness! The official music video for Ilinca’s duet with Alex Florea, “Yodel It!” has finally been released, and it is as eye-catching as the song is attention-grabbing. The video sees Alex Florea begin the song performing on a …

Yodel-Lay-Hee-Hoo! Analyzing the art of Yodeling

This editorial is written from the opinion of the author and does not represent the views of the other editors, the EBU or escYOUnited as a whole. Romania is back at Eurovision!  After last year’s debacle, they are jumping right into the mix as a fan favorite with “Yodel It!” by Ilinca & Alex Florea.  It’s still early in the …

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