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Georgia: Iriao to sing “Sheni Gulistvis”

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The Georgian national broadcaster GPB has confirmed today that the Georgian entry for Lisbon is being recorded, and we have a title for the bilingual entry – “Sheni Gulistvis”!

Roughly translating as “For You”, the jazz ensemble Iriao are utilising a live orchestra for the recording of the Georgian song.

The release date for the entry has not been confirmed, but it seems we are certainly in for a unique entry once more from the Caucasian nation!

Georgia will be hoping to make it back to the Eurovision final after Tamara Gachechiladze did not reach the Saturday show in Kyiv with “Keep The Faith”. It will be the second entry to feature Georgian lyrics after “I’m a Joker” in 2012.


What do #YOU hope for from “Sheni Gulistvis”? Share your thoughts with us on our forum HERE or join the discussion below and on social media!

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