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    News | Updates | Announcements

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    Re: News | Updates | Announcements

    Time for a change!

    We were looking for a new WV Mod lately, and after considering some candidates, the choice was made and the new WV Mod is.....

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    New Re: News | Updates | Announcements

    Breaking news!

    It was going to happen for long time already and finally it happens - brand new pots

    Almost 50 editions after old concept we created totally new pots based on last taste/voting tendentions of WV community

    And they are...

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    Re: News | Updates | Announcements


    We have changed one of the rules regarding the observation period; if you are in OP you are banned from voting in REJU for the semi finals. The decision was taken with full agreement of the mod team and will take effect as of next edition.

    See the amendments below.


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    Re: News | Updates | Announcements


    Over the past couple of months we have been discussing and reworking the current rules in order to improve the contest and fix some of the issues we've had recently. The areas we covered included:

    - limit of participants
    - reducing numbers of regions and temporary rules about regions hopping
    - completely rework of OP (in other words it becomes WL)
    - new strict system of sanctions
    - post/time minimal count for member


    1. Any member who has spent at least 3 months on the forum and have a minimum post count of 30 can participate in the contest.

    A rule to make sure that we are only getting people taking part in WV who are comitted to the forum and WV. Both are easily reachable targets for new people.

    6. Limit of the regions: no more than 3 from each country.

    reducing the number of regions in order to help create a more diverse contest while helping to reduce the dominance of certain countries.

    11. Members can move from country/region to country/region after participation in at least 3 editions, if so desired. You must participate in at least 3 editions while being in a specific jury, before you can switch to another. The earliest point you can move to a new region is after the results of the edition before you plan to move.

    For rule #11 added 3 temporary rules which will be removed when everything is in line with the new rules.

    11.1 [Temporary rule] Members are banned from 'country/region hopping' in one country if that countries limit is reached until the conditions rule #6 are met.

    Members will be stuck to their regions countries where limits have been met (in other words UK and USA now) before we get country + 3 regions, as in line with the new rules

    11.2 [Temporary rule] Members are banned from from giving their country/region to any other member in a 'prearranged switch' if the country limit is met and until the conditions of rule #6 are met. Once member leaves a country or region (from full countries) then this spot will become available to anyone else, unless that countries regional juries still exceed 3 as in line with rule 6.

    11.3 [Temporary rule] Double juries are banned for any country/region if that countries region limit is met and until the conditions of rule #6 are met.

    This will stop cheating with region hopping, first someone join, they share jury for 1 edition and then first person leaves to other region, so this region still in game but with other juror.

    12. To join the contest, you must submit your application in the form of a Private Message to the WorldVision account (you can find the application in the appropriate topic (click here)).

    The join WV thread will have only have an application form new people will use for their PMs when joining. Every new member must send us a PM (to WV account), without any country. We will have the list like

    Matt applied 05/10/2017
    Jukica applied 08/10/2017

    14. The number of participants is limited to 67 countries/regions.

    We are putting a cap in place for the number of participants. In recent editions there have been too many people taking part, for some members with limited time it makes it harder to vote but also for hosts it increases their work load massively. A cap will keep the contest at a stable number of participants. 67 is comfortable number of participants (22+22+22+PQ) and size of final (with 9+9+9+PQ=28 entries)

    16. Please note that if you miss 2 editions within 10 editions, then your country/region will become free (and somebody else will be able to pick it) and you will be removed from the list of the participants.

    Instead of missing 2 editions and then being removed, it is being changed to missing 2 editions within a 10 edition period. We want to make it clear that if you don't intend on participating then we must know you are going on break which will bring us onto rule #17

    17. If you want to take a break, you should inform the mods about it in advance (you can take 1 or 2 editions break, with opportunity to prolong it by 1 extra edition with keeping your country/region). You are only allowed 3 breaks within 10 editions, anymore and you will be removed from the roster.

    This will stop people take break every 2nd edition. Ofc if someone has super important reason we could make an exception.

    Absolute reworking of OP part


    1. Observation Period - the preliminary stage of the contest before becoming active contestants with a chosen country or region.
    2. Members of Observation period are:
    - newcomers;
    - returning members - these are members who took part in the contest in the past.
    3. OP members are banned from voting and sending entries to the main contest, but are still allowed to take part in the spin off contests held in the spin off subforum (link)
    4. OP members can enter contest when there is an available spot. The spot will simply be given to the person who is top of the list.
    5. It is expected that OP members observe the run of contest to understand how it works for when they join and that they are in contact with the mods in case there will be an available spot. In the event that a spot opens up, the member who were first to send their application and therefore top of the list will be given the opportunity to join as a full member and take an available country or region. In case the member doesn't confirm before deadline of confirmation period, they will be removed from the OP list and the spot given to the next available person on that list.

    New OP in other words WL, will look like this

    Matt applied 05/10/2017
    Jukica applied 08/10/2017

    based on PM applications.

    When we have an available spot, we contact "Matt", ask him choose an available country or region and send entry. He will have 5-6 days to react on it before confirmation DDL. If he doesnt react, we just do it next time again with "Jukica".

    An all new strict sanction system, primarily designed to keep only those players who are the most committed. We want to reduce participants and at the same time we don't want people who are half in, half out of the contest.


    These sanctions are the standard sanctions for all types of violation. Note that these sanctions accumulate collectively; we will count the total number of times a rule is violated regardless of the type of rule that is violated.

    1 sanction = 1 violation of rules (including non-voting)

    1 sanction - 1 edition ban, i.e. banned for 1 edition, and not allowed to send an entry or vote.
    2 sanctions - elimination from the contest.

    In order to remove your current sanction(s) you must participate and vote in 5 consecutive editions.

    Returning members who have got sanctions in the past must not receive any sanctions within 5 consecutive editions. Otherwise every new sanction will result in a 5 editions ban from joining the contest and your immediate expulsion from the contest.

    Disclaimer: It is worth noting that while some of you may not like or agree with these rules, they are by no means 100% set and the rule of law for the foreseable. We will be monitoring the contest closely to make sure that these are being as effective as we hope and if they are not working then we will edit them and improve them. However we all hope you will embrace the new rules and give them a chance. It is a lot to take in, so if you do have any questions about the new rules or are struggling to understand them, then feel free to PM the Worldvision account or one of the mods.
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    Re: News | Updates | Announcements


    Thank you everyone who answered the survey, everything you have told us has been super helpful in our discussions and giving an insight into the true opinions of our members. We got 56 answers out of 73 participants. The rest didn't answer despite coming online and sending entries for the next edition.

    17,8% "No opinion / No clear opinion / Difficult to answer" Didn't give a clear opinion, struggled to answer or decided not to say their opinion.
    39,2% "No" Respondents Do not support the new rule.
    35,8% "Yes" Respondents support the new rule.
    7,1% "I don't care"

    35.8% for "yes" out of 100% is not enough for the rule being implemented.

    While there is significant support for the new rule, there is not a clear majority. We have reviewed the surveys and decided that it would be best to remove the new version of rule and the temporary rules [11.1, 11.2, 11.3] beneath it, reinstating the old rule.

    For the other questions of the survey, we continue to discuss them in the mod team on what we should do next. We thank you all for your patience and the information on the other sections of the survey will be revealed in due course once discussions end.

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