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Thread: Join WorldVision & Waiting List

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    Join WorldVision & Waiting List

    If you want to participate in WorldVision, you have to:

    1. Read The Rules
    2. Check The List of Participants, Jury switching thread and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    3. Submit your application in the form of a Private Message to the WorldVision account

    Have you read the rules and agree with them? yes/no

    Once you get a confirmation from one of the moderators, you get to the Observation Period.

    1. Observation Period - the preliminary stage of the contest before becoming active contestants with a chosen country or region.
    2. Members of Observation period are:
    - newcomers;
    - returning members - these are members who took part in the contest in the past.
    3. OP members are banned from voting and sending entries to the main contest, but are still allowed to take part in the spin off contests held in the spin off subforum
    4. OP members can enter the contest when there is an available spot. The spot will simply be given to the person who is top of the list.
    5. It is expected that OP members observe the run of contest to understand how it works for when they join and that they are in contact with the mods in case there will be an available spot. In the event that a spot opens up, the member who were first to send their application and therefore top of the list will be given the opportunity to join as a full member and take an available country or region. In case the member doesn't confirm before deadline of confirmation period, they will be removed from the OP list and the spot given to the next available person on that list.

    OP Waiting List
    1. BernadetteCydonia - WV118
    2. Staewi - WV119

    Still Banned
    1. -

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    Re: Join WorldVision! Confirmation thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Hele. View Post
    So awesome to see iconic members @Milos-BC and @theCONWEL to return to WV!

    Thank you honey
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    "Budućnost pripada onima koji se najdalje i najduže sećaju prošlosti"

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