The Premium Membership area has been added to the forum. If you want to know why we decided to add these service, go further down for more information.

Our basic access will ALWAYS be free, those who are interested in additional features and tools have the chance to buy the Premium Membership for a small fee. You can pay monthly, Semi Anuall or Annually for the services which includes the following:

These are just a few extra features and we just keep adding new items to that list on a regular basis.

All you have to do is click HERE and pay via paypal giving you immediate access. In addition, you do have the ability to support us on Patreon where you can pay using a credit card.

A link to the Premium Access can also be located on the Homepage

Please contact MATT if you have any questions regarding the Premium Membership.

Additional info:

Our mission here is to provide uninterrupted access to ESCFORUMS.COM around the clock. Due to the growing numbers in members a few sacrifices had to be made such as cutting down on PM Storage, profile customization, Signatures etc.

This was necessary to keep the forum downtime to a minimum. Several members asked for those features to return which is possible by moving accounts to a different server where we have separate and more liberal restrictions. (dedicated server). However there is obviously a monthly charge our forum has to pay on top of the regular hosting fees.

Which is why we decided to offer a Premium Membership to those that are interested in paying a small fee which will help us cover the additional hosting costs. In addition, I have technicians handling items behind the scenes that need to be reimbursed for their efforts as well.

As I mentioned above, access to the forum will always be free but we want to give those individuals who want the additional features the option to purchase them which will also help us keeping the forum alive and running which couldn't be done without your contributions.