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Thread: Last movie you've watched

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    Re: Last movie you've watched

    I finally came to watch the highly acclaimed Sci-Fi movie "Arrival".

    I like that's a different kind of alien movie. No human-like or disgusting-looking,aggressive aliens that wanna dstroy the human race and for some reason know our language...the aliens here look very different and you can't even see them in detail. That's much more legit for me
    I also like thats not a "we against them" scenario but a slow and careful approach to the other species. Since I am interested in linguistics I obviously love the linguistical approach, I love to see the strategies of Dr. Banks to get in touch with the aliens. I also find the logographical concept of the aliens language very very interesting.
    It's a pity we dont see a lot of how the language acquisition works. At one point the research team have a list of hundred of words and a software that can recognize the words. The movie is very intelligent and the whole "the time is not linear" thing is something I like to think about... however, I was never convinced by the Sapir Whorf theory and I can't see how the acquisition of language could ever have such an effect as it has on Dr. Banks in the movie. What also confused me is how passive the aliens behaved...wouldnt it be their job to understand our language to communicate with us? Why in those movies it's always the human who contact the "strangers". I would love to see a movie about aliens who meet human and try to understand them
    Last but not least the soundtrack blew me away. They used Richter's "On the natury of daylight" both at the beginning and the final scenes of the movie. This song is achingly beautiful and makes me emotional. The other pieces in the movie were made by Jóhann Jóhannsson. The score he made is very experimental, mysterious and threatening at the same time. At some parts, it is very amazing.

    In total I would give this movie 6,5/10 points. I dont think it's as good as it's considered but it's still a special and original movie and refreshing compared to other alien movies.

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    Re: Last movie you've watched

    The following PERSONAL STORY (TM) contains spoilers for the film Love, Simon.

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    No quality? Be serious. You are allowed to dislike the song, but looking at it objectively, to say it has NO quality at all, is pushing bounds of reality.
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    Re: Last movie you've watched

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