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Thread: What are you currently reading?

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    Re: What are you currently reading?

    The second book that Mrs. Christie published back in 1922.

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    Re: What are you currently reading?

    So I did start that Space Opera book that 's tagline is "The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy meets Eurovision"
    So for now the rule is if you place last in Metagalactic Grand Prix, your civilization is annihilated lol
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    Re: What are you currently reading?

    Just finished reading Inferno. What an amazing book! There were some plot changes that I didn’t expect at all, and what’s truly fascinating is how a novel can analyse a historical writing with such depth and relate it to so many pieces of art and places.

    Now, finally, I can start Origin. I was given this book as birthday present and I was really excited. I hope it’s not disappointing...
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