Latin Lovers
La lengua que hablamos(aunque no nos demos cuenta)

Latin Lovers:
The language we speak (although we do not realize it)

«From Asterix to Brexit», «On this pizza I will build the Roman Empire», «Latin is the milk» or «From Spartacus to Grease» are the titles of some of the chapters that make up this entertaining book.

Emilio del Río shows us, through a multitude of references to sport, economy, food, cinema or music, that Latin is very much alive among us, and not only in the cultured records, but in the colloquial culture without that we are aware of it.

Around three weeks ago, I saw that book in a supplement to a newspaper from my region. My face was "I want that, now, NOWWW". Finally, when I went to Ourense in a French excursion, I could buy the book. One of my teachers said we mustn't walk alone when we got free time before return tothe bus. I'm a rebel for walk alone, sorry, I was the only one who loves read, and this book is important for my health.

I really recomend to read this book because you read at least one chapter and you don't stop to say WOOOOO, like:

Brexit is Latin: Br-(braetania, the french región, not Great Britain) and -exit (Did you know "exit" is a latin Word and not english?) = Exit of Bretania (Asterix breaks free)