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Thread: FRANCE 2011 - Amaury Vassili - Sognu

  1. Legend
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    Feb 2011

    Re: FRANCE 2011 - Amaury Vassili - Sognu

    Amaury had the honor to sing a bit with Patricia Kaas a few weeks ago:

    I don't know what happened to Amaury's vocal chords.

  2. Administrator escYOUnited's Avatar
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    Sep 2009

    Re: FRANCE 2011 - Amaury Vassili - Sognu

    Pop-lyric singer Amaury Vassili, the 2011 French Eurovision representative, may be 22 years old only, he knows precisely what he wants: to conquer the world with his music. Often presented as the world’s youngest tenor, Amaury Vassili’s music genre is called « crossover », a mix of pop and classical music. In his third album Una parte di me the young singer revisits the most famous classical compositions of Brahms, Chopin, Tchaïkovski or Mozart with a powerful voice and a touch of pop-opera.


  3. Veteran
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    Oct 2011

    Re: FRANCE 2011 - Amaury Vassili - Sognu

    Amaury will lead a revue in a cabaret in France !
    Amaury Vassili, vedette de la prochaine revue du Royal Palace de Kirrwiller - France 3 Alsace

    It is also recalled he has sold already 400 000 albums and comes back from a tour in Asia.

    And for now, he features in "Un air de star", French adaptation of program "Tu cara me suena" in which stars are disguised in singers and interpret songs. He has already been French singers Patrick Bruel, Catherine Lara (who commented Eurovision 2011 ), Johnny Halliday, and also George Michael and Luciano Pavarotti. On Friday, he will be Ray Charles for the final of the program. He is actually leading.

    This is Amaury Vassili !

    Luciano Vassili

    As Patrick Bruel young, not very convincing...

    As Catherine Lara

    As Johnny, quite impressive !

    As George Michael, who can recognize Amaury !

    Natasha St-Pier is as well part of the show...
    She has been :

    Nicki Minaj !

    Retired rap singer Diam's

    Amy !

    Whitney !

    Michael !!!! Can you recognize Natasha !

    For the finals she will be Shakira !

    Amy St-Pier !

    Even Bonnie Tyler was our guest !

    Hatlouvez-mwa doz an èè de staaa laldi swaaa chu M6 !
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  4. Admin Schmadmin
    United States
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    Los Angeles, USA

    Re: FRANCE 2011 - Amaury Vassili - Sognu

  5. Wizard
    MARCOMEN's Avatar
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    Jun 2013

    Re: FRANCE 2011 - Amaury Vassili - Sognu

    Not surprised at all, he has a rubbish personnality.
    I still remember his reaction and his words after eurovision 2011 ; he said that he was proud to sing in corsican (the langage of Corsica) not like other countries singing in english, he said also that Ell and Nikki didn't deserve to win and that french juries were crap for giving Sweden 12 points.

  6. Addict
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    Feb 2016
    Malaga, Spain

    Re: FRANCE 2011 - Amaury Vassili - Sognu

    He looks like Remi Gaillard with longer hairs !

  7. Addict
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    Jul 2017

    Re: FRANCE 2011 - Amaury Vassili - Sognu

    So, I decided to review french entries since 2011 and here is my review of Sognu :

    France 3 has decided since 2008 to variate styles for esc (electronic with divine, pure french song with et s'il fallait le faire and african banger with allez ola olé). They decided to choose Amaury Vassili the youngest tenor with the lyrical pop song Sognu.

    The song is excellent and it's for me the best entry for france a good composition with an excellent voice, bookmakers have predicted victory but France finished 15th a disapointment for a bad live and he said after the show "It's a shitty result" under rage emprise but he does a mea culpa considering this song is too risky to sing this at Eurovision.

    Conclusion : We should be in top 10 if he realised a better live.

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