During this "nothing important happening" period in ESC world, I was listening to old acts from early days of Beovizija...
In 2009, we had one song that was really popular among public in Serbia, but unfortunately didnot manage to go to Moscow.
Group was called OT Band, and it was group of 4 rockers from that (one and only) season of Operation Triumf in Serbia.

Song was, according to me (and televoting) best by far on Beovizija 2009. It won 28000 votes (in that time, you could vote once per number). That was almost twice more points then all other nine acts combined and i think it is a record of televotes on Beovizija to date!

A lot of strange things happened on Beovizija 2009. Firstly, they made mistake during semifinal and called two wrong finalists, which resulted with eliminating two real finalists, Ana Nikolic and Ivana Selakov, and both of them, especially Ana, were one of a couple favourites among the viewers. They received invitation to return to competition, which Ana declined, so we had final with 11 acts, instead of 10.

Jury in final and semifinal was different. OT Band won semifinal with 12 points from both jury and public, but in final it received only 5 points, which was seen as a clear sabotage, and one of the potential reasons to sabotage OT Band was that Operacija Trijumf was held on rival tv station b92, (other performers that came from Operacija Trijumf also did quite bad with the jurors, even if their musicality is quite clear). Even some petitions were held to repeat voting.

One of quite suspicions things also was that the group Etar, who made into the final by mistake (one of those two wrong qualifiers) didnot receive any points from jury in sf, and in final they won 10 points with the jurors, giving them 3rd place in overall (?!) and they shouldnot even been in the final.

If we return to OT Bend, i like that song, shame that no one of those guys made good solo career (they play in clubs among Belgrade, except one of them who now lives in America), who knows, maybe Eurovision would be good steping stone for them, but we will never know.

I am sure that song Blagoslov za kraj would qualify to the final, and it would be definite top 10 potential. In year without a rock act, it would be a perfect fit in top 10 instead of Russia. I actually think that 8th place would be real for them, Serbia was powerhouse back then in Eurovision, they didnot miss top 10 for a years, and it would be perfect continue of that streak.

I respect Marko Kon, it is not his fault, something suspicious did happen, but his result was quite suprise for everyone and I dont think that it was set for him to win it. He won only 3300 votes, which is 7 times less than OT Band with 28000.

Beovizija was abbolished that year after that number of scandals, and in same format it was returned in 2008.

If wants to listen to it, here is the song. What do You think, what result would be for OT Bend in Moscow?