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    EDC 2008

    The Eurovision Dance Contest 2008 was the second Eurovision Dance Contest and was held in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom, hosted by BBC Scotland on 6 September.

    In a change to the rules, professional couples were no longer eligible to enter the contest. At least one dancer from each couple had to be a local celebrity, not professionally trained to dance. A further change was that each couple only performed once. In 2007 each couple performed a ballroom or Latin routine followed by a freestyle dance incorporating national flavour; in the 2008 contest, couples only performed the latter. In 2008 a panel of experts was introduced with an approximate weight of 23% of the total outcome and the rest 77% determined through televoting. The highest possible points from the jury were 48 while the televoting cast a maximum of 156 points.

    The winner was Poland.

    Here you can see their performances:

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    Re: EDC 2008

    I remember this amazing day ! I am from Poland and I am so proud of our dancers ! This was very important day in our all history !

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    Re: EDC 2008

    We actually won Eurovision. Who cares it was EDC and not ESC...
    I remember that it was a widely discussed topic here, and that was probably due to a strong tradition of "Dancing with the stars" in Poland (the blond guy who is often referred to as a *cough* "actor" *cough* stars in the most popular Polish soap opera). We were so very happy and proud of our victory...

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    Re: EDC 2008

    Just rewatched the 2008 contest, it's still fantastic! The stage was a massive improvement on the 2007 one, much brighter, and the graphics on the background screen really enhanced the dances without distracting from them. The green room interviews seemed a lot less rushed than the year before, think the 2008 format with one dance from each couple and then a short segment each in the group dance worked really well. Like how they cut to each of the top 3 during the voting rather than just the 12 points.

    It is a real shame Spain had to withdraw so late on, and that we didn't get to see their routine, maybe Spain could have just used jury voting that year and still participated rather than withdrawing. I would have loved to have seen a third contest, it seemed like Azerbaijan had a lot of plans for hosting, it would have been great to see what they would have done.

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