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Thread: ??????? - Ukraine - Andranik Alexanyan - 3 Topoli 3 Soormy

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    ??????? - Ukraine - Andranik Alexanyan - 3 Topoli 3 Soormy


    LYRICS TRANSLATION (my interpretation):

    There're 3 poplar trees on the square behind the church wall
    Cossacks sang accomponied by 3 trumpets in the early morning
    Red sun in the blue sky hit golden bells
    You & I have power still, you & I are cossacks still

    3 poplar trees, 3 trumpets and echo to the sky
    3 poplar trees, 3 trumpets - everything will be allright

    Destiny can be harsh or kind but she gave us wings
    Our life, our job - sabre, pipe and mace
    There's a fascinating endless way in the clear field
    Sadness doesn't suit cossack's face


    Cossacks are Ukrainian soldiers defenders that existed long time ago. They lived in a special towns-fortresses. Cosasack is one of our symbols... he's patriotic, he has incredibly strong spirit and he has unbelievable physical power (they were famous for being very strong, emotionally and physically), he always defends his land (Turks used to occupy our lands and kill our men, sell our women and children to slavery, cossacks were our only hope sometimes).
    The song is full of metaphoras...

    The thing is ... it's sung by physically disabled kid. Andranik stopped growing when he was 4yo. It's quite rare disease. Also he has problems with bones because of that.
    I mean I just can't force myself to stop crying when I hear this song, esp "Sadness doesn't suit cossack's face" line ... OMG ;(
    It has few parallels - with the moden time, with his own life, with your own lives, guys, esp if you have some problems... I mean our problems seem so miserable when you have such moments. When I think that I'm exhausted and I have no hope, I just watch this video and it gives me strength for living. It's unspeakable.

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    Re: Ukraine - Andranik Alexanyan - 3 Topoli 3 Soormy

    Used to be my favorite for a very long time, now it kinda floped, but it's still in my top 5. It probably won't end that high like last year, but i can guess that it will be in top 5. He has a great voice
    "Budućnost pripada onima koji se najdalje i najduže sećaju prošlosti"

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