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Thread: Need your help : Girl groups recommendations

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    Need your help : Girl groups recommendations

    After 2 years of waiting finally I started to work over my all-time "Top songs from girl groups" list.

    So I need some recommendations from you.

    What's I already know and heard :
    - all girl group songs from UK chart (from start in 1952 to 2019)
    - most girl group songs from US Hot 100 (from start to 2019)

    - most Lithuanian girl groups
    - some European girl groups, related to Eurovision and Melodifestivalen

    Restrictions :
    1. Genre
    I don't want to stuck only on pure pop music, so try to include country and even rock girl groups (like Hole).

    2. Countries
    I will like to restrict my ambitions to Europe and English language countries with good traditions in music ( )

    The biggest hole in my music knowledge is ex-Yugoslavia countries and Eastern Europe ( )

    All recommendations from any year are welcome, if they belongs to mentioned criteria.
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    Re: Need your help : Girl groups recommendations

    Some girl bands from the United States for you to try. Vivian Girls are my absolute favourites. I love them so much.

    I thought of these at the top of my head. Only including all female groups makes it much harder for me. I could write you out a very long list of female fronted bands but the majority I listen to have male members also.
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