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Thread: Full rankings per year

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    Re: Full rankings per year

    I think I've already posted it but my winner of 1972 is Ceol an Ghra with Beg,Steal or Borrow and of course Apres toi close!
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    Re: Full rankings per year


    1 LUXEMBOURG - Tu te reconnaîtras - Anne-Marie David
    2 SPAIN - Eres tú - Mocedades
    3 FINLAND - Tom Tom Tom - Marion Rung
    4 UNITED KINGDOM - Power to All Our Friends - Cliff Richard
    5 ISRAEL - Ey Sham - Ilanit
    6 ITALY - Chi sarŕ con te - Massimo Ranieri
    7 IRELAND - Do I Dream - Maxi
    8 NETHERLANDS - De oude muzikant - Ben Cramer
    9 SWEDEN - You're Summer - Nova & The Dolls
    10 GERMANY - Junger Tag - Gitte
    11 YUGOSLAVIA - Gori vatra - Zdravko Čolić
    12 BELGIUM - Baby, Baby - Nicole & Hugo
    13 SWITZERLAND - Je vais me marier, Marie - Patrick Juvet
    14 FRANCE - Sans toi - Martine Clémenceau
    15 NORWAY - It's Just A Game - Bendik Singers
    16 MONACO - Un train qui part - Marie
    17 PORTUGAL - Tourada - Fernando Tordo

    This year was SO much better than 1972!

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    Re: Full rankings per year

    2000(Sadly the video is blocked in the US and Japan)

    24. Israel
    23. Latvia
    22. Norway
    21. Romania
    20. Spain
    19. Austria
    18. Finland
    17. Sweden
    16. France
    15. Iceland
    14. Estonia
    13. Germany
    12. Croatia
    11. Malta
    10. Denmark
    9. Belgium
    8. Switzerland
    7. Cyprus
    6. Turkey
    5. F.Y.R. Macedonia
    4. United Kingdom
    3. Russia
    2. Ireland
    1. Netherlands

    23. Russia
    22. Bosnia and Herzegovina
    21. Israel
    20. Latvia
    19. Iceland
    18. Poland
    17. Malta
    16. Turkey
    15. Sweden
    14. Norway
    13. Netherlands
    12. Lithuania
    11. Croatia
    10. Portugal
    9. Ireland
    8. Estonia
    7. Spain
    6. Denmark
    5. Greece
    4. France
    3. Germany
    2. United Kingdom
    1. Slovenia(Although I do like Die for You Energy just gets me that bit more)

    24. Greece
    23. Belgium
    22. Austria
    21. Latvia
    20. Slovenia
    19. Finland
    18. Russia
    17. Lithuania
    16. Germany
    15. Croatia
    14. Bosnia and Herzegovina
    13. Turkey
    12. Sweden
    11. Israel
    10. Estonia
    9. Romania
    8. Switzerland
    7. Cyprus
    6. F.Y.R. Macedonia
    5. France
    4. United Kingdom
    3. Spain
    2. Denmark
    1. Malta

    26. United Kingdom(That time we were right to come last IMO, though Austria is certainly a contender too and Teenage Life was also a pretty bad entry from us)
    25. Austria
    24. Estonia
    23. Slovenia
    22. Ukraine
    21. Netherlands
    20. Cyprus
    19. Israel
    18. Greece
    17. Germany
    16. Romania
    15. France
    14. Bosnia and Herzegovina
    13. Turkey
    12. Portugal
    11. Latvia
    10. Malta(I actually don't mind it, easy listening!)
    9. Norway
    8. Belgium
    7. Sweden
    6. Poland
    5. Iceland
    4. Croatia
    3. Spain
    2. Russia
    1. Ireland(*Used to be Russia)

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    Re: Full rankings per year

    your #1 for 2000 same
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    Re: Full rankings per year


    1 SWEDEN - Waterloo - ABBA
    2 LUXEMBOURG - Bye Bye I Love You - Ireen Sheer
    3 IRELAND - Cross Your Heart - Tina Reynolds
    4 UNITED KINGDOM - Long Live Love - Olivia Newton-John
    5 NORWAY - The First Day of Love - Anne-Karine Strřm feat. Bendik Singers
    6 GREECE - Krasi, thalassa ke t' agori mou - Marinella
    7 ITALY - Sě - Gigliola Cinquetti
    8 SWITZERLAND - Mein Ruf nach dir - Piera Martell
    9 MONACO - Celui qui reste et celui qui s'en va - Romuald
    10 FINLAND - Keep Me Warm - Carita
    11 NETHERLANDS - I See a Star - Mouth & MacNeal
    12 GERMANY - Die Sommermelodie - Cindy & Bert
    13 SPAIN - Canta y sé feliz - Peret
    14 PORTUGAL - E depois do adeus - Paulo de Carvalho
    15 BELGIUM - Fleur de liberté - Jacques Hustin
    16 YUGOSLAVIA - Generacija '42 - Korni Grupa
    17 ISRAEL - Natati La Khayay - Kaveret

    This was a great year! I like all my top 12, and there are lots of worthy candidates to be ABBA's runner-up, but in the end Waterloo has to top my list!

  6. Wizard
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    Re: Full rankings per year

    That's one of the most difficult years to rank for many reasons!


    1. Dami Im - Sound of silence
    2. ZOË - Loin d'ici
    3. Poli Genova - If love was a crime
    4. Freddie - Pioneer
    5. Nina Kraljić - Lighthouse
    6. ManuElla - Blue and red
    7. Minus One - Alter Ego
    8. Frans - If i were sorry
    9. Kaliopi - Dona
    10. Donny Montell - I've been waiting for this night
    11. Rykka - The last of our kind
    12. Sergey Lazarev - You are the only one
    13. Ira Losco - Walk on water
    14. Douwe Bob - Slow down
    15. Agnete - Icebreaker
    16. Lighthouse X - Soldiers of love
    17. Joe and Jake - You're not alone
    18. Nicky Byrne - Sunlight
    19. Ivan - Help you fly
    20. Hovi Star - Made of stars
    21. Sandhja - Sing it away
    22. Justs - Heartbeat
    23. Michał Szpak - Color of your life
    24. Greta Salóme - Hear them calling
    25 Lidia Isac - Falling stars
    26. Samra - Miracle
    27. Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz - Midnight gold
    28. Iveta Mukuchyan - LoveWave
    29. Jüri Pootsmann - Play
    30. Jamie-Lee - Ghost
    31. Argo - Utopian land
    32. Sanja Vučić ZAA - Goodbye (Shelter)
    33. Laura Tesoro - What's the pressure
    34. Jamala - 1944
    35. Barei - Say yay!
    36. Francesca Michielin - No degree of separation
    37. Eneda Tarifa - Fairytale
    38. Highway - The real thing
    39. Gabriela Gunčíková - I stand
    40. Serhat - I didn't know
    41. Dalal & Deen feat. Ana Rucner and Jala - Ljubav je
    42. Amir - J'ai cherché

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    Re: Full rankings per year

    This thread will now also count as the place to put the JESC rankings until a proper thread is designated in the JESC forum.


    Decided the revisit the last contest held in the Ahoy Arena for the first time since it aired and man, 12 years later and JESC2007 still holds up as a fun ride. This isn't a Junior Eurovision that I consider mandatory viewing (only 2009 and 2014 hold that distinction), but it's worth checking out. This contest breathed LIFE into Junior Eurovision after three fairly editions in a row, in the guise of Armenia (the best country in JESC) and Georgia (the most successful country in JESC) making their more-than-welcome debuts in a contest they have OWNED ever since.

    oh and since this contest contains a slew of adult ESC alumni, I'll spoilerpost the screencaps i made and see how many you can recognize:

    and now, the ~ranking~

    Ilona Halytska - "Urok Hlamuru" - Your annual appointment with Ukraine in this JESC includes a hilarious burlesque dress change + hairflip, the churning out of random animal sex noises and teacher cosplay straight out of a softcore porn movie, accompanied by the organized chaos of a psychedelic dubstep accordeon beat. ALL OF THIS IN A LIVE CHILDREN'S SHOW. What a banger, both in song and concept, ten out of ten, would listen to again and again.

    Trust - "Anders" - What a criminally underrated bop. Of course an emotionally intelligent 80s synthpop-inspired coming-of-age song would never do well in a JESC televote, but the palpable tripple angst whammy of never being good enough/not fitting in/never finding someone who loves you back is a message which SPEAKS to me and um yeah, the soundtrack is an unfiltered new wave neutron bomb forgive me for giving to yet another stellar entry that also happens to be Belgian.

    Mariam Romelashvili - "Odelia Ranuni" - From the moment Mariam STORMS onto the stage all "I'm gonna freaking OWN this and make you LOVE my country " she sets a very high bar for the remainder of the contest. Part of me LOVES the aggressive ambition with which she tries to win this JESC, but "Odelia Ranuni" is just a bop in its own right, sai-lin' through its story, sha-rin' its herstory in a brilliant middle eight. WHERE IS THIS GEORGIA IN ADULT ESC??

    Lisa, Amy & Shelley - "Adem in, adem uit" - Besides the amusement of seeing O'G3NE in their middle-stage pokémon evolutionary formes, their song is a hiphop & dancefest about ~Climate Change~ and it's shockingly much more effective than that ugly trousers song from this year forgot its name.

    Rosica & Dimitar - "Ding ding dong" - ForeverLastedonia's ploy to avoid their ubiquitous bottomfeeding position in this year involves making their song ALL ABOUT EUROVISION. Yes, it literally goes "Ding ding dong, we are in Eurovision" but wait, the soundtrack itself is a catchy ethnobanger and dare I say, competent? What is this inverse world, y'all.

    Cute - "Music" - Malta 2007's defining property is that of pure irony: Calling themselves "cute" but wearing orange and teal ribbons and terribly applied make-up Singing in harmony together, but failing to hit a single note when switching to individual singing. . I don't think I've ever seen a JESC entrant switch manically between Competent and Trainwreck as quickly and violently as this one, which

    Arevik - "Erazanq" - Every year there is one entrant who takes the theme LITERALLY and this year it's Armenia, who show up in sailor's outfits and perform Irish linedancing. And sure, "Erazanq" is good and catch and fun, but the real hilarity for me lies in the EBU opening the lines from the beginning, of course resulting in Armenia receiving 12s from all the diasporia countries (over half of the contest <3) and almost beating hot fave Belarus by 1 point. Accidental rigging <3 <3 <3

    Alexey Zhigalkovic - "S druz'yami" - Welcome to the lands of My Little Brony, where Friendship Is Magic™

    Bon-Bon - "Bonbonlandiya" - Back before Bulgaria sent in supergroups consisting of four gay guys and a morlock, they submitted this ~SuperGirlGroup~ of depressing looking prepubescent girls who urge every child to go to the magical place of ~BonBonlandia~. The effect is as trainwrecky as you think it is.

    4Kids - "Sha-la-la" - Like Mariam, the 4Kids storm in all, WE ARE GONNA WIN THIS, however unlike "Ondelia ranuni", their song is like a super aggressive aerobics class? Lol it made me laugh and I did secretly love it, but the "Aw Bless" factor is high with this one.

    Lina Joy - "Kai miestas snaudžia" - HEY HEY HEY IT'S IEVA ZASIMAUSKAITE.

    Made In Greece - "Kapou berdeftika" - I knew that Greece finished last in this contest with two points (both from Cyprus lol) and once I heard this song I instantly understood why. What a Josie Zec-esque TRAINWRECK. From incoherent bouts of singing to a bajilion of dress changes to randomly playing (and um, stopping to play) various musical instruments, this was a wonderful nonsequitur.

    Frida Sandén - "Nu eller aldrig" - Yes, sister of notable melfest flop Molly Sandén and the better Sandén sister, sorry to say! Sweden is usually nothing special in JESC but this song is fun and nice and teenagy, I guess.

    Alexandra Golovchenko - "Olitchnitsa" - Today's Evil Russian Kid is a pigtailed heirress dressed up like a circus ringmaster who is accompanied by a harem of acrobatic boy dancers. Sounds fun because it is ^_^

    Yiorgos Ioannides - "I mousiki dinei ftera" - Cyprus participated in the 5th Junior Eurovison Song Conest in Rotterdam, where they dressed up as the flag of Botswana.

    Nevena Božović - "Piši mi"- Lol it's Nevena with a ballad, YOU'D THINK I'M SLEEP, WELL I... am sleep because this song is a waking snore. At least "Pisi mi" vibes teenager for me so the cognitive dissonance is low with this one, unlike.

    Jorge Leira - "Só quero é cantar" - Why do I get this feeling Portugal doesn't understand JESC? I'll admit I'm even more ballad-averse in JESC than I am in adult ESC, but this is because ballads just vibe very maturely and seeing little children acting like adults with no additional play rattles my cognitive dissonance pretty badly. This song for instance is a straight-up run-the-mill love ballad with platonic lyrics and WaCkY dAnCeRz, and it so doesn't work. I feel bad assigning it red status because, you know, kids, but somebody has to be the red lantern, so...
    It's not the song that matters, but what you do with it.

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    Re: Full rankings per year

    great choice of winner since it's my winner as well the reveal is everything
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    Re: Full rankings per year

    Let me tell that you here i rank only the entries, not the criminal record of anyone!
    Now deciding the top 5 is really difficult. There are 5-6 entries that could easily be in my 1st place for 2017!


    1. Brendan Murray - Dying to try
    2. Claudia Faniello - Breathlessly
    3. Ilinca ft. Alex Florea - Yodel It!
    4. Robin Bengtsson - I can't go on
    5. O'G3NE - Lights and Shadows
    6. Joci Pápai - Origo
    7. Norma John - Blackbird
    8. Omar Naber - On my way
    9. Alma - Requiem
    10. Naviband - Story of my life
    11. Blanche City Lights
    12. Artsvik - Fly with me
    13. Koit Toome and Laura - Verona
    14. Timebelle - Apollo
    15. Triana Park - Line
    16. Manel Navarro - Do it for your lover
    17. Francesco Gabbani - Occidentali's karma
    18. IMRI - I feel alive
    19. Isaiah - Don't come easy
    20. Sunstroke Project - Hey, Mamma!
    21. Tijana Bogićević - In too deep
    22. Jacques Houdek - My friend
    23. Dihaj - Skeletons
    24. Anja - Where i am
    25. Lindita - World
    26. Jana Burčeska - Dance alone
    27. Tamara Gachechiladze - Keep the faith
    28. Svala - Paper
    29. Lucie Jones - Never give up on you
    30. Demy - This is love
    31. Martina Bárta - My turn
    32. Salvador Sobral - Amar pelos dois
    33. Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson - Spirit of the night
    34. Fusedmarc - Rain of revolution
    35. Slavko Kalezić - Space
    36. Kristian Kostov - Beautiful mess
    37. Hovig - Gravity
    38. Levina - Perfect life
    39. JOWST - Grab the moment
    40. O.Torvald - Time
    41. Kasia Mos - Flashlight
    42. Nathan Trent - Running on air
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