Welcome to FSC Song Submissions

Please submit your entries ( Main entry + Back Up ) for FSC #124 June 2019

The deadline: 29.05.2019, 23:59 CET

Songs ( Main entry + Back Up ) are submitted ( by HOJ )
via your FSC Private Forum - or by a PM to me, Malagant

Keep in mind that the songs/artists are not allowed to be revealed until
all entries have been officially announced at the start of a new FSC-month

Please include: Artist/Songtitle/Release Date/MP3 file/Video (Official/Picture)
If you don’t have an MP3 file/video at hand, please contact the FSC Show Mod Host for assistance
For MP3 songfiles-upload please use Sendspace or Dropbox (they are safe, trusted filesharing sites)

A Back-Up entry is now compulsory ( mandatory ) for all countries in the FSC
It is submitted together with / at the same time as the Main entry

For Back Up entries (used if the Main entry is dq) it is necessary to submit ‘name of
artist & songtitle + release date’ (video/MP3 links may be submitted later, if needed)

Please ensure that All entries are eligible (National artist/Not older than 12 months/No cover)
If the submitted entries are not eligible according to the FSC Rules, they will not be allowed to participate in the FSC

Entries (with above supplements) submitted after the set Deadline will not be accepted
We strongly encourage all FSC member-countries to submit entries soon and not to wait until the last minute
If entries are submitted after the set Deadline, then that/those country/ies will have to sit out this FSC-edition

Confirmed Countries: 35/39
(Main entry + Back Up)