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Thread: 3rd placed NF songs contest (Game over!)

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    Re: 3rd placed NF songs contest (Grand Final results on NOW!)

    Thanks for organizing this @Edward, I'll repeat myself, this was fun :-)

    I am down for a 4th placed songs contest, though I guess it might get a bit difficult to decide who actually placed 4th in some cases.

    As for the winner
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    Re: 3rd placed NF songs contest (Grand Final results on NOW!)

    Semi 1 results:

    48 pts - Andrea Demirović - Ja sam ti san
    47 pts - Kristina Bćrendsen - Mama said
    39 pts - Barbora Mochowa - True colors
    38 pts - Sheppard - On my way
    34 pts - Vavra Bence - Szótlanság

    34 pts - Fed Horses - Ti ne poznaš konjev
    33 pts - Stefan - Without you
    31 pts - Sashka Janx - Da li čuješ moj glas
    27 pts - Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman - Release me
    17 pts - Sebastian Roos - Never getting close

    Semi 2 results:

    56 pts - Bella Santiago - Army of love
    49 pts - Hanna Ferm & LIAMOO - Hold you
    49 pts - D'Sound - Mr. Unicorn
    47 pts - Eranda Libohova - 100 pyetje
    45 pts - Luka Nižetić - Brutalero

    41 pts - Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio Dantys - Mažulė
    35 pts - Sigmund - Say my name
    32 pts - Diana Brescan - Lies
    27 pts - Laime Pilnīga - Awe
    25 pts - Matay - Perfeito

    My opinion on the songs & ranking of top 3 NFs songs:

    Romania - Did nothing for me. Think it would only stand out visually at ESC, instrumentally-wise it feels uninspired. Just like the lyrics do. No offense to most of you who ended up liking the song and selecting it as your winner but I can only understand the appeal of this song as being a "modernized" watered down version of Ruslana's "Wild Dances". With a more global and less regional visual appeal, I guess. 1) Ester Peony 2) Laura Bretan 3) Bella Santiago

    Spain - Didn't do much for me either. But I recognize it had an ESC vibe to it. Miki stood in the shadow throughout the song though, Natalia totally steals the show and I say this not having liked much her skills or image. Interesting alternative choice to "La Venda", prefer it to Maria. 1) Miki 2) Miki & Natalia 3) Maria

    France - She was a bit too overconfident to me, I'm not sure, something about her put me off the performance a little from the beginning. But the song itself was quite decent, though no masterpiece. That staging was interesting (seems those kind of boxes are really in), I specially liked the part with the watery projections in the background which coincided with the best instrumental section of the song. My French skills are long forgotten so I ask @tuorem, was there some sort of wordplay between "haut" and "eau" going on or was that just me? 1) Seemone 2) Bilal 3) Chimčne

    Sweden - My 12 pointer, obviously liked it. Even more now than when I saw it the first time, felt like applauding at the end and all
    Not sure what's going on between these two off stage, if anything, but the on stage chemistry was pretty much on spot and ended up passing emotions on to me.
    Really like this type of songs by default but it was well composed and the lyrics were not bad. She looked great and I liked the fact she got to showcase a bit of her solo skills during the bridge section of the song. Perhaps the stage...ehm, props, were a discussion point during Melodifestivalen and I suppose this ended up turning people away from the song a bit. But I personally had no problem with all those sheets, curtains, whatever
    Plus could all be redesigned for Tel Aviv ofc - likely it would have to be. 1) Hanna Ferm & LIAMOO 2) John Lundvik 3) Bishara

    Czech Republic - Ended up having to scratch it off from my points. Was the only song I felt a bit bad for having to end up doing this. My main issue is with the lyrics. They put me off. And even for my taste it was a bit too depressing. But the instrumental was great, bordering on shades of beauty at times, even better live. Visually I preferred her look on the videoclip though. Still, best of the top 3 from Czech Republic this year to me... 1) Barbora 2) Lake Malawi (even if it annoys me a great deal but I respect their confidence, specially Albert's) 3) Space Sushi dude

    Montenegro - Really liked this song. But unfortunately it didn't sound as great as it did to me on first listen. So Sweden ended up being more deserving of those 12 points to me. But this is more my type of ESC song, isntrumental-wise. It's powerful but it was lacking some power still and that disappointed me a bit because I had memorized it as being more powerful. Still a great catchy beat and visually she looked superb, dominant, strong, sensual. That demon dancer though...not a fan. Maybe would need to have to go if she had made it to ESC. I must say I ended up liking all of the top 3 of Montenegro this year. Maybe they don't have the best resources to put on the best sounding and looking NF show but in terms of quality the songs are all quite satisfying. So it's hard to decide top 3. But...1) Andrea 2) D-moll 3) Ivana perhaps.

    Germany - This was certainly something else. Saying this with a positive tone. Instrumentally, and fittingly so, it was very minimalistic and hard to say anything on that aspect. It was all about her distinct voice which I'm not sure I've entirely digested as of now but my emotions while listening to it were mostly positive, hence my 6 points. She seemed to have some charisma and the minimalistic staging also looked good. I liked the lyrics as well. 1) S!sters 2) Lilly 3) Makeda

    Albania - I should have maybe liked it more, it threw me back some good 20 or 25 years which is a good thing to me. But something was lacking, something was missing from the song. I think maybe the lack of a proper hook or I don't know. It ended up falling a bit flat unfortunately. I liked the instrumental, orchestras always bring class to live performances. Maybe Eranda herself was lacking a bit of charisma and stage presence. The ending was a bit odd as well. But all in all it was decent, just not very noteworthy, sadly. 1) Jonida 2) Eranda 3)Lidia

    Norway - This was fun. Norway are doing things right on this department. Obviously more funky than Keiino's sort of fun. First impression on the semi of this game was that I wanted to like it more but something was lacking. I've enjoyed revisiting it much more now during the final, I just tried to focus on what was being delivered rather than thinking how could the song be improved in overall. And this was quite a solid piece. Their image was pretty cool - maybe only that DJ looked a bit misplaced, the staging was inventive, colourful...I liked it. The singer was sort of adorable, a shortie that gave me the impression of having a bubbly personality and of not being short on charisma. 1) Keiino 2) D'Sound 3) Adrian

    UK - Did nothing for me. Not that I have much to critique about it either. Just...sounded so much like everything else we're used to listen these days. Didn't stand out in any way. I guess it had a more festive, party-friendly vibe than Michael's song, but that was it. The rest just seemed to be all about Kerrie-Anne trying to tell us about how good she can sing. Or that's what I felt at least. Too much vocal projection but didn't feel very heartfelt. 1) Jordan 2) Michael 3) Kerrie-Anne

    Iceland - At first this was just a "no" to me. I had already been disappointed with it at the semi. But I went through the other songs, at least during the first ones...the chorus kept on playing on my mind. So there's that. It's catchy. There's a bit retro vibe. And she ended up reminding me a bit of Avril Lavigne for some reason, but just a little bit. I didn't like the way the song was staged (not convinced she was playing that guitar, but even if she was...did not look good), the female dancers took me back to 2002 and Marie N, style-wise...all in all I fear the act was trying to be too many different things at once. But catchy chorus indeed, my points were mostly because of that. 1) Hatari 2) Kristina 3) Friđrik

    Australia - Like I've told some people before, I'm more demanding on English songs coming from native English speakers. I need to feel something, some degree of emotion. Many times this is not the case at ESC, sadly. But this entry by Sheppard...did give me some emotions. Maybe not the ones I appreciate the most but they were good...vibrations. Very ESC-like song, I think it could actually go places in actual ESC. The instrumental was alright but the staging was the best part. All that colour came off just right. Liked the back-up vocalists/dancers - though still unclear on the blue wigged one. It was rather neat all in all, so it ended up deserving some of my points. 1) Kate 2) Sheppard 3) Electric Fields

    Hungary - Well, some bias on my side when writing about this song. It was my favorite when I watched A Dal, when it came to the final 4, I mean. I had already liked Bence there the previous year under the moniker of Ceasefire X. He performs this type of songs really well. Sad about the final placement but I kind of understand it, he's not the most charismatic guy and is quite quiet on stage (and shy off it, it seems). It's all about the voice though. And he has a good voice. Maybe the problem is also the fact that the chorus part when he hits those higher notes...maybe it ends up sounding a bit shouty or whiny to those not familiar with his singing style. And maybe a bit repetitive as well. It could have been better polished. But the staging was great. Loved that very expressive dancer alongside him, and the use of doors as metaphors. 1) Bence 2) Jóci (recognize has better chance of doing well at ESC than Bence and even though I really like the song as well, I'd still have just picked Bence for variety's sake) 3) Acoustic Planet

    Croatia - If you go back a few pages and read what I've said on the Lithuanian song. A bit the same all over again. I like comedy, goofy and all but there's a limit. This was not funny or entertaining to me. It was beyond my taste. Lacking wit and true entertaining essence. But I respect it may feel the cups of others. I guess I am a bit demanding on this department. Plus the use of Spanish did not help. Nothing against Spanish at all, just the way it was used here. It reminded me a bit of that guy from a few years ago...Rodolfo? I think. Just not funny to me. Too much over the top. Too much color in a bad way. Too much...ehm...Homens da Luta on LSD, maybe Sorry. 1) Roko 2) Lorena 3) Luka

    Italy - Well, I was surprised at how poorly this scored. Dead last. For a former nearly-winner of actual ESC. Not sure of your reasons. I still don't like them as performers much. Something puts me off...the overconfident way they look and sing, I think. But they are obviously talented and skilled vocally. I think I prefer this song to Grande Amore (oops, sacrilege...) since it comes in this soft rock dressing which suits my taste. Maybe this was the thing putting off most of you. While as for me Grande Amore is over the top in terms of emotions...a bit like the Georgian guy this year, but still in a better way than that. 1) Ultimo 2) Il Volo 3) Mahmood
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    Re: 3rd placed NF songs contest (Grand Final results on NOW!)

    Quote Originally Posted by Edward View Post
    My French skills are long forgotten so I ask @tuorem, was there some sort of wordplay between "haut" and "eau" going on or was that just me? 1) Seemone 2) Bilal 3) Chimčne
    As far as I know: no. She says "ça vient de lŕ-haut" which means "it comes from up above" (which is a way to refer to heaven in some contexts).

    In the rest of the lyrics, there is no metaphor or wordplay related to water ("eau") either. I hope that helps.
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    Na površju vse je mirno, a v meni je KAOS

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    Re: 3rd placed NF songs contest (Grand Final results on NOW!)

    amazing top 2 couldn't have asked for something better

    just cezar winning with it's my life but a girl can dream
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    Dear WV contestant please vote in my NF!!!!!!
    South Korea Green Room, page 83 x

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    Re: 3rd placed NF songs contest (Grand Final results on NOW!)

    4th place contest, i'm in!!!
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    Re: 3rd placed NF songs contest (Grand Final results on NOW!)

    I would also like a 4th place contest

    My votes from the two Semi's were:

    Semi Final 1

    Australia – Sheppard - On my way
    Iceland – Kristina Skoubo Bćrendsen - Mama said
    Hungary – Bence Vavra - Szótlanság
    Montenegro – Andrea Demirović - Ja sam ti san
    Serbia – Sashka Janx - Da li čuješ moj glas
    Finland – Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman - Release me
    Slovenia – Fed Horses - Ti ne poznaš konjev
    Czech Republic – Barbora Mochowa - True colors
    Belarus – Sebastian Roos - Never getting close
    Estonia – Stefan - Without you

    Semi Final 2

    Croatia – Luka Nižetić - Brutalero
    Lithuania – Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio Dantys - Mažulė
    Norway – D'Sound - Mr. Unicorn
    Denmark – Sigmund - Say my name
    Romania – Bella Santiago - Army of love
    Latvia – Laime Pilnīga - Awe
    Sweden – Hanna Ferm & LIAMOO - Hold you
    Moldova – Diana Brescan - Lies
    Albania – Eranda Libohova - 100 pyetje
    Portugal – Matay - Perfeito
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    Re: 3rd placed NF songs contest (Grand Final results on NOW!)

    My votes for the 3rd placed NF songs contest.

    Semi Final 1
    12 Barbora Mochowa - True colors
    10 Stefan - Without you
    08 Kristina Skoubo Bćrendsen - Mama said
    07 Sheppard - On my way
    06 Fed Horses - Ti ne poznaš konjev
    05 Andrea Demirović - Ja sam ti san
    04 Sashka Janx - Da li čuješ moj glas
    03 Bence Vavra - Szótlanság
    02 Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman - Release me
    01 Sebastian Roos - Never getting close

    Semi Final 2
    12 Eranda Libohova - 100 pyetje
    10 Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio Dantys - Mažulė
    08 Bella Santiago - Army of love
    07 Hanna Ferm & LIAMOO - Hold you
    06 D'Sound - Mr. Unicorn
    05 Diana Brescan - Lies
    04 Luka Nižetić - Brutalero
    03 Laime Pilnīga - Awe
    02 Sigmund - Say my name
    01 Matay - Perfeito

    Lilly Among Clouds - Surprise
    Barbora Mochowa - True Colors
    Eranda Libohova - 100 pyetje
    Bella Santiago - Army of Love
    Kristina Skoubo Bćrendsen - Mama Said
    Sheppard - On My Way
    D'Sound - Mr. Unicorn
    Chimčne Badi - Lŕ-haut
    Hanna Ferm & LIAMOO - Hold You
    Andrea Demirović - Ja sam ti san[
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    Re: 3rd placed NF songs contest (Grand Final results on NOW!)

    Again, thank you all for your participation and your feedback

    4th placed NF songs contest might just be lurking around the corner
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