Okay to sum it up, hiring Sacha is like playing russian roulette; you just don't know what you'll get from her!

This year I was pretty confident that she could get both of her acts right considering that the songs are basically "similar" and similar to Eleni's "Fuego" from 2018, but guess I was wrong considering that Tamta flopped big time while Luca achieved a great 4th place. I see absolutely no reason why "She Got Me" would slay the televote while "Replay" shouldn't, so something went terrible wrong for Tamta

You can make the case to compare their vocals, energy etc. on the stage but regardless if Luca did it better, I don't think it justifies the almost 200 points difference in the televote? Also knowing that Tamta's points came from Greece and Georgia (you know) and San Marino however they calculate their telepoints, she could've potentially ended up with a single point from the United Kingdom in televote...

I mean this is unfortunate and I feel bad for Tamta because she deserved better