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Thread: FSC #120 - February 2019: The Show! [Kautokeino - Norway] | RESULTS from page 5

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    Music FSC #120 - February 2019: The Show! [Kautokeino - Norway] | RESULTS from page 5

    Welcome to the Sami village of Kautokeino - Norway and to the 120th edition of the Forum Song Contest (FSC)

    Velkommen - Bures boahtin!

    The main theme for this FSC-edition is:

    ‘Caught Between Northern Lights’

    We are here as a result of Norway’s great victory in FSC #119 January 2019 , with
    Alan Walker ft Sophia Somajo popular EDM-hit 'Diamond Heart’ [video beneath picture ^^]

    Congratulations once again!

    The Host city for this FSC #120-edition is : Kautokeino - Norway , or Guovdageaidnu, as it is
    called in the Sami language . It is a small village and municipality in Finnmark County in Northern
    Norway far above the Arctic Circle in what is often called Northern Sápmi (the cultural region trad
    itionally inhabited by the Sami people.). The Sami ( 'samer' ) are the indigenous people of Norway

    They have their own culture, traditions, language, national costumes (‘samedrakt’ or ‘kofte’ in Nor
    wegian) , music and history . They also have their own Sami Parlament in Norway as well as their
    own flag. Older generations are very keen to hold onto their traditions, less so with younger Sami
    who experience a culture-conflict when old traditions and customs conflict with modern Norway.

    Kautokeino municipality , has around 3000 inhabitants , and is together with Karasjok, one of two
    cultural centres of the Norwegian region of Northern Sápmi. Kautokeino village is the administrat
    ive centre of the municipality which also includes smaller villages like Máze (Masi) and Láhpoluo
    ppal . The around 9700 km2 huge municipality is the largest municipality by area in all of Norway.

    The most significant industries in the region are reindeer herding, theatre/movie industry, and the
    public education system , though it must be said the municipality has struggled with high unempl
    oyment in recent years . The municipality was established in 1851 . The name Guovdageaidnu co
    mes from ‘half way’ since the location is halfway between two traditional migrating market points

    Kautokeino is a ‘Finnicized’ form of the Sami name Guovdageaidnu, and it is used by most Norwe
    gians. The Coat of arms of Kautokeino was granted in 1987. The arms show a gold-colored lavvu
    on a blue background. The lavvu is still in use by reindeer herders (who diligently follow and mana
    ge their herds according to season etc) , and so it was chosen as the symbol for this municipality.

    Historically, in 1845, measurements were made for the mountain tops of Lodiken (Luvdiidcohkka)
    and Bealjasvarri in Kautokeino. In 1852, Kautokeino was the site of a Sami uprising against repres
    entatives of the Norwegian authorities due to mistreatment (‘Kautokeino-opprřret). This Rebellion
    was one of the few violent reactions by the Sami and the only confrontation that led to loss of life.

    The incident was connected to a religious revival movement , that was inspired by the moralistic
    preacher Lars Levi Lćstadius, and also by Sami poverty and struggles with alcoholism . Lćstad
    ius’ teaching , which had a great influence on the Sami in Norway at the time , demanded a more
    spiritually pure lifestyle & abstaining from alcohol. A movie of the Rebellion's filmed by Nils Gaup

    Geographically, a significant part of the Finnmarksvidda plateau is located inside Kautokeino mu
    nicipality. Řvre Anárjohka National Park is partially located in the municipality. The rivers Anarjoh
    ka and Karasjohka have their headwaters inside the park . The Kautokeino River runs from a lake
    at the Finnish border, north through the villages of Kautokeino and Máze, and up to the Alta River.

    ‘Caught Between Northern Lights’
    ‘History of the Sami People’

    Since prehistoric times the Sami people of Arctic Europe have lived and worked in an area that
    stretches over the northern parts of the regions now known as Norway , Sweden, Finland & the
    Russian Kola Peninsula. They have inhabited the northern arctic & sub-arctic regions of Fenno-
    Scandinavia and Russia for at least 5000 years. The Sami are counted among the Arctic peopl
    es & are members of polar groups such as the 'Arctic Council Indigenous Peoples' Secretariat'.

    Petroglyphs and archeological findings such as settlements dating from about 10.000 B.C. can
    be found in the traditional lands of the Sami These hunters and gatherers of the late Paleolithic
    & early Mesolithic were named Komsa by researchers as no one knows what they were named.

    Before Christianity, traditional Sami peoples’ beliefs were based on the practice of Shamanism
    (incl. using a ‘Magic Drum’) & Animism . Animism was manifested in that all significant natural
    objects, such as animals, plants, rocks, etc. possessed a soul. Sami people also believed in the
    existence of a number of spirits , and gods, who steered the powers of nature in differing ways.

    Until the arrival of bubonic plague ( the ‘Black Death ’) in northern Norway in 1349, the Sami and
    the Norwegians occupied very separate economic niches . Norwegians, who were concentrated
    on the outer islands and near the mouths of the fjords , had access to the major European trade
    routes and commerce besides marginal farming. This social economic balance greatly changed
    ,when bubonic plague came to northern Norway in December 1349. The Norwegians were much
    worse infected , due to their closer contact with the world outside through commercial trade etc.

    Fishing has always been the main livelihood for the Sea Sami, though they also pursued a combi
    nation of farming, cattle raising, trapping and fishing, while the Mountain Sami continued to hunt
    wild reindeer. For long periods post 1800s the Sami lifestyle thrived because of arctic adaptation

    Today, the indigenous Sami population is a mostly urbanised , non-nomadic demographic , but a
    substantial number live in villages in the high arctic. The Sami are still coping with the cultural co
    nsequences of language and culture loss, as well as threats to their environment (oil exploration,
    mining, dam building, climate change, and also to some extent tourism) . Even so, the Sami are a
    proud people, their homeland 'Caught Between Northern Lights', an ancient people with a rich cul
    ture and rich traditions embraced, they are a valued and valuable part of the Kingdom of Norway.

    Kautokeino is located in the Arctic highlands of the Finnmarksvidda plateau of Northern Norway.
    During five weeks of summer, the sun doesn't set, and during six weeks of winter, the sun doesn't
    rise. We have the beautiful Northern Lights. Winter is from October until May , coldest December-
    February . In that period , temperatures can drop as far as −45 °C and beyond, but the cold is 'dry'.

    Lying south in the county , and bordering with Finland , Kautokeino has a very interesting bird-life.
    There are virtually thousands of lakes in the municipality , and these combined with the Alta River
    waterway system provide habitats for a whole host of wetland species. There are also many wint
    er/arctic-animals on the Finnmarksvidda plateau , including reindeer , wolverine , wolves and lynx.

    The nearest commercial airports are Alta Airport , about 140 kilometres from Kautokeino , & Eno
    ntekiö Airport , ca 90 kilometres from Kautokeino . European route E45 runs through Kautokeino,
    part of the shortest and fastest route between western Finnmark & southern Scandinavia . Sever
    al Sami institutions , are located in Kautokeino , including the well-known Beaivváš Sámi Theatre.

    This is the National Sami Theatre . Also the Sami High School and Reindeer Herding School , the
    Sami University College , Nordic Sámi Institute (research), the department of education of the af
    orementioned Sami Parliament , and Áššu , a Sami language newspaper . The city hosts several
    cultural events. The biggest event is the Sami Easter Festival (w/Sami weddings/confirmations).

    Today also the Sami culture is celebrated with many yoik (Sami folkmusic) concerts Sami theater
    shows, reindeer races, snowmobile races, icefishing competitions, parties, and Sami MGP (a kind
    of ‘local Eurovision’). In August , there is the White Fish festival, and the Autumn Festival. Also the
    Sami Film Festival notable for having an outdoor cinema made of snow is very popular every year

    The Northern Region Sápmi is sometimes referred to as Lapland in English though that name only
    applies to parts of the region. Many Sami oppose the use of the name Lapland, as it is considered
    derogatory and is not the name that Sami have used. Sápmi (and corresponding terms in other Sa
    mi languages) refers to both the Sami land and the Sami people & is the term that should be used

    The Saamic languages are the region's main minority languages , and also its original languages.
    They belong to the 'Uralic' language family, and are most closely related to the 'Finnic' languages.
    North Sami is subdivided into three main dialects : West, East and Coast. The written standard is
    based on the Western dialect . There are also Southern Sami people , f.ex . in mid region Norway.

    There has, alas, been discrimination against the Sami people by Norwegians up through the years
    (ref. the aforementioned ‘Kautokeino Rebellion’) and many Sami, especially young people, still feel
    a stigma with regards to their heritage and culture and often ‘become’ more Norwegian than Sami.
    A tv-series from the 1970s , "Ante" showcased difficulties for Sami children in a Norwegian school.

    Famous Sami people in Norway incl. mentioned Nils Gaup (movie-director), Mari Boine (Norway’s
    most famous Sami singer, see more below), & Mikkel Gaup (famous Sami actor, see more below)
    as well as Mattis Hćtta, the Sami singer who is remembered for taking part with a yoik on the No
    rwegian ESC-entry “Sámiid ćdnan” together with the singer Sverre Kjelsberg in Den Haag in 1980.

    Host venue for FSC #120 February 2019 is the Kautokeino Kulturhus, the Kautokeino Cultural
    Center , which is situated, on the outskirts of the village . Besides being a 'center for culture', in the
    municipality, with concerts and the local cinema, it also houses mentioned Sami National Theatre,
    Beaivváš . This is the only professional theatre institution in the Nordics which only uses the Sami
    language in all its performances . The theatre also tours the Arctic Sápmi region in Norway , Swed
    eden and Finland. It is a small and intimate cultural institution , but which is enjoyed by locals and
    visitors aplenty. They are proud to host this evening’s February-edition of the Forum Song Contest.

    Our lovely Hosts this evening are:

    Mari Boine and Mikkel Gaup

    Mari Boine (Persen) (born 1956) is a Norwegian Sami musician known for having added jazz &
    rock to the yoiks (percission & instruments) of her native people. Boine's songs in folk style are
    often strongly rooted in her experience of being in a despised minority. Her other songs are mo
    re positive , often singing of the beauty and wildness of her homeland & of nature . She has had
    a long prosperous career, & has released many albums most of which have been critically accla
    imed. She is without doubt Norway’s most famous & also most critically acclaimed Sami singer

    Mikkel Mathis Gaup (born 1968) is a Norwegian Sami film & stage actor. He made his film debut
    as "Aigin" in the 1987 film “Pathfinder (“Veiviseren”) which was Oscar-nominated for Norway. It's
    still one of the most famous Norwegian films of last 35 years . He also took part in the 1996 film
    “Breaking the Waves” and appeared in the 2008 film “The Kautokeino Rebellion” as "Aslak Hćtta"
    As a stage actor , he has worked for various theatres, incl. Beaivváš Sámi Theater, Den Nationale
    Scene & Riksteatret. He also recently released a music-album where he mixes yoik & electronica.

    And we are now pleased to announce

    The Opening Act

    an exclusive International Guest Appearance
    by popular Swedish 1980s Eurodance artist

    Ankie Bagger

    performing one of her
    greatest Eurodance-hits

    ’Where Were You Last Night’

    Once again, welcome to the 120th edition of the Forum Song Contest.

    Let the Show begin!


    We are pleased to announce

    The Interval Acts

    a Special National Artist Performance
    by our Norwegian host and Sami artist

    Mari Boine

    performing one of her
    songs in Sami language

    ’Diamantta Spaillit (Reindeer of Diamond)’


    a Special National Artist Performance
    by Norwegian/Sami artist of MGP-fame

    Ann-Mari Andersen

    performing her popular 2008
    MGP song in Sami language


    We are pleased to announce

    The Closing Act

    an exclusive International Guest Appearance
    by Slovenian actress and singer of ESC-fame

    Tanja Ribič

    performing her beautiful
    melody from ESC 1997

    ’Zbudi se’

    Thank You - and Good Night - from Kautokeino - Norway!

    7 day Evaluation Period
    The Evaluation Period is 7 days from the beginning of the contest. If you find any songs that
    you believe may break the FSC Rules , please contact the FSC Mods via PM (off the boards)

    Voting deadline
    25th February, 23:59 CET

    Vote Collector (PM)

    Use your FSC Private Forum

    Keep in mind, that only votes submitted in your FSC Private Forum, or sent to the FSC Mod Vote
    Collector, after the Evaluation Period is finished - and within the voting deadline - will be counted

    Enjoy! - and Good Luck To All Entries!

    << Join the Fun at the Forum Song Contest (FSC)! >>

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    Re: FSC #120 - February 2019: The Show! [Kautokeino - Norway]

    Welcome, everyone to beautiful Kautokeino, Norway and Sápmi! Velkommen - Bures boahtin!

    In the tradition of the FSC Shows I host/create, the opening and closing acts are International acts specifically invited to this event for your entertainment and enjoyment, to supplement the National acts (the 2 Norwegian (Sami) interval acts selected by the Norwegian jury + the previous month’s Norwegian winner) that are also part of the FSC Show presentation.

    In addition, there are 5 selected (by the Norwegian jury) Norwegian ‘Bonus’ music videos hidden/linked beneath (also some smaller) pictures in the presentation, so check well and make sure you don’t miss any of the songs!

    This edition’s theme is: “Caught Between Northern Lights”, a reflection of FSC February hosted in the far North of Norway, in the region of Sápmi, homeland of the Sami People. It is a small tribute to an often stigmatized and underappreciated people who are a valued and valuable part of the Kingdom of Norway.

    Enjoy this FSC February Show from beautiful Kautokeino, Norway and Sápmi, bathed in Northern Lights!

    << Join the Fun at the Forum Song Contest (FSC)! >>

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    Re: FSC #120 - February 2019: The Show! [Kautokeino - Norway]

    Ok someone sent a super hit with an artist I sent to another contest, someone else sent another super hit with the same song songI sent to another contest, and there are several more promising songs. This edition looking elite, can't wait to listen through this potential blood bath. Great show also Malagant, interesting choice for hosting, I'll make sure to have my layers on so I don't freeze to death.

    WV Western USA
    Gwen Stefani - What you waiting for?
    NSC Solentoya
    Same Difference ft. Alcazar - Karma Karma

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    Re: FSC #120 - February 2019: The Show! [Kautokeino - Norway]

    Northern lights This edition is super strong, I will need 20 days to decide my top

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    Re: FSC #120 - February 2019: The Show! [Kautokeino - Norway]

    I read as "Superschlager", that would have been amazing

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    Re: FSC #120 - February 2019: The Show! [Kautokeino - Norway]

    Quote Originally Posted by SaladBreak View Post
    I read as "Superschlager", that would have been amazing
    well i hope u can live with supercharger aswell...
    FSC #128 | Austria Mynth | Casablanca

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    Re: FSC #120 - February 2019: The Show! [Kautokeino - Norway]

    Quote Originally Posted by Malagant View Post

    In addition, there are 5 selected (by the Norwegian jury) Norwegian ‘Bonus’ music videos hidden/linked beneath (also some smaller) pictures in the presentation, so check well and make sure you don’t miss any of the songs!
    Thank you for this selection.

    I would like to add that Agnete, who represented Norway in Eurovision 2016, comes from Finnmark.

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    Re: FSC #120 - February 2019: The Show! [Kautokeino - Norway]

    Excellent show Malagant! Looking forward to hearing all of the entries and forming my first votes for the UK jury. Basking under those wondrous Northern Lights will be a far cry from the Lanzarote winter sun that I am currently enjoying, but no less enjoyable I'm sure!

    Also, that opening act and song - super hot!!
    2019 ranking: 12 10 Norway 8 Malta 7 The Netherlands 6 Spain 5 Cyprus 4 Belarus 3 Belgium 2 Russia 1 Sweden

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    Re: FSC #120 - February 2019: The Show! [Kautokeino - Norway]

    Great show and gorgeous pictures!

    I've only listened to three or four songs and I think I already know my 12 pointer

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    Re: FSC #120 - February 2019: The Show! [Kautokeino - Norway]

    Why isn't there a recap? It will be tough to choose

    Anyways, this edition is super strong, I like the diversity here and amazing hosting
    Me speaks engrish pefrect

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