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Thread: 2018 Lookback - Your Favourite Albums and Songs + Vinyl Purchases

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    Re: 2018 Lookback - Your Favourite Albums and Songs + Vinyl Purchases

    Honestly I was disappointed by NF in 2018.
    My favourite was Ausra Difarte - Someday, but I wanted to listen new masterpieces (something like "Sacrifice" / "I Dangu" / "My Home Is Europe").
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    Re: 2018 Lookback - Your Favourite Albums and Songs + Vinyl Purchases


    I don't have a record player yet. I want a really good one ofc so gon be a lil expensive. Will take some time, maybe 2027.

    For now I'm happy just looking at them <3 Yes Kali's looks gorgeous, the vinyl is blue see-through, very hawt. Other two are more basic, but still making me xhat.

    I already looked for some more vinyls to buy (older ones), and yeah gon be expensive But I like collecting, and love the music ofc, so it's definitely gon be worth it.
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    Re: 2018 Lookback - Your Favourite Albums and Songs + Vinyl Purchases

    There are very few songs that I really loved from 2018 (I mean, that kind of song that you listen again and again and you don't get tired of it), and my memory is very selective so I might have forgotten some of them XD. I'll mention the ones that come to my mind, in a random order:

    1. Luis Fonsi, Stefflon Don - Calypso. It's so danceable, so catchy, so funny... I LOVE IT.
    2. Zahara - Hoy la bestia cena en casa. I don't like the lyrics very much because it's against surrogacy and I'm in favour of it -under certain conditions, but this is another issue I won't talk about here-. However, I love the melody, the dance, its 80s vibes, etc.
    3. Ava Max - Sweet but Psycho. If I play this song, I do it 20 times in a row I think I underrated it in WV, but didn't expect I would stuck in my head like it did after that edition XD
    4. Belén Aguilera feat. Raoul Vázquez - Tus monstruos. The instrumental is lovely, the melody is gorgeus, their voices are amazing, the lyrics are very emotional.... I think it's the most beautiful song released in Spain this year...
    5. Cher Lloyd - None of my business. Actually I don't know why I like this song so much, I only know that I couldn't stop singing and dancing to it.

    I'm sure I forget many songs.
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