I guess we've all resorted to the music player after some down periods in our lives, but perhaps also to calm nerves or other needs, and it would be interesting to hear what music you've used and if it's been anything unusual.

Myself, before exams or similar, I had a weird urge to listen to some classic guitar and cemballo pieces from a disk I had (Sky 2: Vivaldi & Rameau), even if I rarely or never listen to classical or that album normally.

And another time when I had gotten it in my head to take flying lessons and was shitting bricks since I really had a fear of heights, I had to listen to classical music again, but this time something I had bought on a whim to play in the background at christmas: Bach - Christmas Oratorio. Days before the lesson and on full volume in the car on the way to the airfield. It was weird as I'm not religious and only put this on a few days every December. And then on the way back after the flight when I was euphoric from all the body's dopes the volume was cranked up even louder than before and I dug the music as I've hardly dug anything. This was without exception for every lesson and trying some other music didn't work at all.

Strange stuff really. It's like one hears about pregnant people who suddenly get the wildest craving for the most unusual thing to eat, and it seems it's like that with music sometimes. It's as if the brain let's you know what it needs, and then it's music and it has to be EXACTLY that type. Wonderful stuff really.