Hi I am looking to start a new ranking game.

I was looking at the ranking game in the main thread and I was thinking that countries with the most voters is at a disadvantage, so I thought I would start a new game where each country has only 1 set of votes. I am not sure if it is something that has been planned or done before, if someone else is planning it I apologise.

If I am not stepping on anyones toes then let me begin:

Each country will have a HoD (first person to contact me from each country). This person will collect the votes from each voter from their country. (example. Sean contacts me first and therefore becomes the HoD of the UK, other voters in the UK will send their votes SF1 & SF2 to Sean. Sean will add the votes all together and make the top 10 and send them to me in the usual ESC style 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,12. They will be the votes from the UK. Once the semi Final results are in, I will make the top 10 from each Semi Final and then announce the qualifiers, then the Final will begin.. and the same thing happens.