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    Carlsbeat Music

    Hello my beautiful ESCUnited community!

    I thought I'd take a moment to post here about a brand new label that has just launched. It has been created with the aim of broadening the horizons and reach of an often overlooking genre, Eurobeat, I'm involved with quite heavily as a songwriter, composer and with PR work.

    We've just released our first single worldwide over the major download and streaming platforms and we'd love it if you could take a listen, stream or download it if you like the sound of it and help us share it with all your friends!

    Keep up to date with all things Carlsbeat by liking and following us on Facebook and on Twitter @ CarlsbeatMusic.

    Thanks so much in advance for your support!

    Gary & Jacqueline,
    Carlsbeat Music
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    Re: Carlsbeat Music

    Hi everyone!

    I wanted to thank everybody who listens to and supports Carlsbeat as Gary and I embark on this brand new journey in our lives. Coming from my own perspective, producing dance music has been a lifelong dream of mine, and it stokes me beyond description to be finally materializing that longtime vision of mine. Gary himself has had a lot of song ideas of his own that he's wished he could bring to full fruition, but has never had quite the right chance in the past, and so I'm helping him finally take his creative mind and manifest it into something concrete and public! Even though both of us recognize that the road ahead is full of challenges and will require a lot of scrappiness and a willingness both to listen to feedback as well as to learn the routes, we're both prepared to commit all of our mind and soul to this creative expedition.

    "Beyond My Heart" is my first original composition in several years. It was written and produced entirely by myself, with lots of very helpful advice along the way by Gary above. The vocals are performed by the amazingly talented Matt Billman, a childhood friend of mine who now makes a partial living as a professional vocalist and composer. Matt also inserted the ad-libs after the second chorus himself, and was also played a major role in fleshing out the vocal harmonies that I had initially written for the piece. The track itself is primarily inspired by SCP's recent Eurobeat Kudos album series, which was a primary factor in revitalizing both my own, as well as Gary's love of eurobeat music and is filled with all sorts of fast-paced, energetic, and passionate productions.

    I hope you enjoy Carlsbeat's debut single! Gary and I will both welcome any sincere feedback with open arms, whether positive or negative! See you soon!

    <3 Jacqueline

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