Even if some of them are just noise like you said, the lack of success of rock/metal entries still surprise me as it happens both in the televote and jury.

Honestly, I rarely find someone who doesn't enjoy a rock song, even if it's not the type of music they usually listen to, so how come they don't get more votes from the public ? I understand people are more easily hyped for pop songs, and add to the fact rock fans and metalheads usually don't watch Eurovision but still. Some unconventional songs who are much harder to connect to can be voted in by the public, so why not rock. Give it some love !
And don't start me on the jury who kinda robbed Hungary last year. (However they pleasantly gave points to Albania)

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Hope to see Within Temptation for the Netherlands and Beyond The Black for Germany someday.
Gosh, you don't know how much I'd love to see that.