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Thread: New Moderators Recruitment (Super & ESC Moderators) - APPLY NOW! (DEADLINE: 15th September, 23:59 CEST)

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    Exclamation New Moderators Recruitment (Super & ESC Moderators) - APPLY NOW! (DEADLINE: 15th September, 23:59 CEST)

    Hey to everyone!

    The escYOUnited Admin Team is looking for the new Moderators and we are looking for volunteers. This is your chance to become more active on the forum and help us to grow and keep things smooth and fun for everyone on here. If you think that you have what it takes to beome a mod, then apply now.

    Please check the following FAQ before applying, I tried to explain everything as simple as possible:

    What is a moderator? What options are there?

    tl;dr version: A moderator is a user with elevated privileges who is a member of Staff Team. Staff Team structure consists of a few different roles: Administrator, Technical/Systems Moderator, Global Moderator, ESC Moderator and Section Moderator. You can check the short descriptions in longer version.

    Longer version: (under spoiler tag)

    We are looking for Super Moderators and ESC Moderators.

    I am not sure if I want to apply! What are the responsibilities of every Super Moderator?

    Here are a few responsibilities that are included, but not limited to the Mod job:
    - Checking posts in ALL forums to verify that are in line with the Board Rules. The forum should be a friendly place where each member can take part in any Eurovision-related discussion or take part in available forum contests.
    - Follow up any reported posts or received PMs from forum members
    - Warning and (possibly) banning members based on their behaviour and breaking of the Board Rules
    - Updating of main threads and helping with forum-related stuff or games like ESC 2018 Big Brother or ESC 2018 Ranking Game or any other forum-related activity
    - Working with the Admin team on ideas, changes, criticisms and any other things which can help in improving the overall forum experience

    The average Super Moderator day includes checking of new posts to look for the posts that require some kind of the action. Super Moderator also checks user submitted reports and reacts on them whenever it is necessary.

    What are required skills and requirements?

    We are not requiring a lot! Some of the skills and requirements we are looking for are:
    - Good communication skills (be nice, friendly, outgoing and treat every member with respect)
    - Capable of being fair and providing positive value to the forum
    - Good understanding of our board rules
    - Being mature and professional

    I do not feel comfortable with being Super Moderator! Are there any other options for me?

    Yes, there are other options! Out of defined options in the first section, you can also apply to be an ESC Moderator. ESC Moderator's main roles are updating ESC sections and keeping everything up-to-date. We can definitely use some help around that, especially during the ESC season.

    Some of the specific responsibilies are:
    - Updating of country threads with entry information, polls and everything else
    - Updating of ESC Calendar as soon as there are some news
    - Keeping an eye on the posts from other members which may contain useful information about one of the entries or anything else ESC-related

    We do not currently have any opened positions for NSC, FSC or WV mods, but members of each contest will be informed whenever we will look for the new mod(s) in any of the contests.

    I am interested! What do I need to do?

    If you are interested in becoming a Super or ESC Moderator, please contact both me (Jukica) and Matt via PM with the answers to these questions.
    1. What timezone are you in?
    2. What languages do you speak?
    3. Why do you think you should become a mod? (at least 2 examples)
    4. Do you have any past experience as a mod (on escYOUnited or anywhere else)? (YES/NO)
    OPTIONAL: What mod experience do you have? (describe it if you want to answer on this question)
    5. Approximately, how much time would you have every day or week to do Moderator tasks?
    6. What ideas do you have to make escYOUnited a better forum? (at least 1 example)
    7. Do you want to be a Super Moderator or ESC Moderator or any of those 2?
    If you want us to consider your application, please make sure to meet these requirements:
    - Send your Moderator application in English
    - Answer all the required questions
    - Do NOT use hard to see colors like this one because this is annoying and it is hard to read it because it burns your eyes

    Applications which do not meet some of these requirements will NOT be considered at all.

    We think that all of you should give it a try because the worst thing that can happen is that you won't be chosen, but please understand that we cannot make everyone a Mod so those who are not being chosen should not get upset or offended as there are different criterias we have to look at. So if you know upfront that not being chosen would tick you off, you might reconsider submitting your application. Also, we are keeping an eye on good candidates, so even if you won't be chosen as a mod now, there is a chance we will offer you one of the roles in the future.

    Deadline will be announced soon (but expect around 2 weeks). If you have any questions, you are free to post them in the thread here.

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    Re: New Moderators Recruitment (Super & ESC Moderators) - APPLY NOW! (DEADLINE: 15th September, 23:59 CEST)

    Thanks to everyone who applied, the new mods will be announced during the next few days

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