Macedonia ended the qualifiers with a victory and against Greece.

I had the chance and what a hell of a saga it was to get to a ticket to watch it live!! The atmosphere was great, much better than expected considering the game wasn't in Skopje where the handball players normally play.
All the chants, the emotion, the songs became very special today. Lot of the chants were "Ma-ke-donija, Ma-ke-donija" or "Never North, Always Macedonia". The government had instructions to forbid all requisites that said "Macedonia" and they even took my scarf (Got it back afterwards). Most succeeded, by shoving the transparents in their underwear or under their shirts. Turned out it was more than just a handball match and it came to that. I lost my voice from yelling and booing, but it was worth it! We won and we took that first place in the group.

Another EHF Euro event for us!!!!!

Congrats to Latvia and Netherlands to their first ever EHF Euro event.