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Thread: 2018 Confirmed Countries

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    Re: 2018 Confirmed Countries

    Quote Originally Posted by AlekS View Post
    ... how I "love" that "site"

    For all human beings with 2 eyes and kind people who can tell those sites that Israel is in or if there're physically disabled people who can't read this FB:

    and especially THIS POST (for dumb certain ESC tabloids):
    The final auditions have already been held in the middle of August.

    I'm not gonna mention IPBC-EBU deal for 2018 because the real media could have contacted the KAN 11, Mako or OGAE or other fans (שָׁלוֹם" נוּרִית" ), or whatever
    Yeah, this has all been reported for the last summer. I'm so tired of mentioning it in this forum that I even forgot to include it in my reply

    Portugal - Belgium - Armenia - France - Azerbaijan - Denmark - Iceland - Italy - Finland

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    Re: 2018 Confirmed Countries

    Great to see Israel is in after all <3 Now I only hope that we won't see San Marino leave.
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    12 Belgium 10 Italy 08 Latvia
    Belarus Israel Romania San Marino

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    Re: 2018 Confirmed Countries

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