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Thread: When you were 12

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    Re: When you were 12

    1991 gotta be my fave as well even though I was -7 yrs old...

    I hated 2011 tbh which was when I was 12. 2010 on the other hand
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    Re: When you were 12

    2012. Oh my what a year that was. I tried to get into some NFs but then my mom or dad would come to my room and force me to shut my laptop down for not going to sleep I remember especially when there was an episode of Misija Evrovizija and I was not able to continue because of my usual Sunday showertime. The NFs I did complete watching, without the Lithuanian one in mind, however, were the Georgian one, the Ukrainian one (although can't remember if it was on pre-recorded Eurovision's web stream that I watched it or did I do it live), the Swiss one, the Finnish one too I think, the Belgian one, the Croatian song's presentation, probably the Turkish song's and the Bosnian one's too... I did watch the Russian one up until the last band that was bad as people told me they were, no wonder they got last. I liked the postcards in that NF with everyone acting faux-Victorian.

    Also I was a messed up kid at the time in other ways. I was fauxly obsessed with my number 1 (believe it or not, it was Malta ), Eva & Nika Prusnik, and somehow ended up thinking that Compact Disco will definitely win the Hungarian NF, and so I was right

    I ended up watching ESC 2012 semi 1 on a small screen on my laptop broadcasted by LRT Televizija (back then still LTV). Semi 2 went a bit better with the screen and so. I was indeed delighted to see my favest fave in the final and maybe because that we actually did do pretty well that year too xD

    e: I will obligatorily add this being the year my room's walls have gotten repainted. My favourite moments during that were Maltese NF song listening while some other guys were in the living room talking about room related stuff and watching the German NF on my bed-turned-into-sofa completely close to my table <3
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