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Thread: ITALY 2018

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    ITALY 2018

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    Re: ITALY 2018

    Quote Originally Posted by Alberca View Post
    I'd love to see Malika at Eurovision! I love Arisa's voice as well, and interviews would be soooo funny...
    Arisa sings like an angel but sounds like a little mouse Malika Ayane is an incredible artist.I rate her the best in Italy and one of the best in the world.Her work is very "arty" though and highbrow.Her last SR entry Adesso e qui (Nostalgico presente) based on an obscure French art house film.Her delivery of it at SR was stunning,pure 100% class.Its no wonder she storms the jury every time on merit.She never gets more than a small televote though.The only song she has done lately that might of got a big televote was Senza Fare Sul Serio.
    Sugar want a win at SR,the question is,how do they get it?.Id go for a Malika/Gualazzi duet if they could get the right song.Conti has pushed the festival towards being much more contemporary and its in great shape.They just need to confirm Mika as the new main man.

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