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Thread: DENMARK 2018 - Rasmussen - Higher Ground

  1. Administrator escYOUnited's Avatar
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    DENMARK 2018 - Rasmussen - Higher Ground

    LYRICS (Click Spoiler)

    Reaction Video
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  2. WorldVision Mod
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    Re: DENMARK 2018 - Rasmussen - Higher Ground

    The vikings were amazing! Such a nice result, congrats.
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  3. ESC Moderator
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    Re: DENMARK 2018 - Rasmussen - Higher Ground

    Quote Originally Posted by A-lister View Post
    I must say I'm surprised this did so well with the televoters, yeah they sold the whole Vikings/Game of Thrones thing, but to me it was still a bit flat and basic. I dunno why, but it seems it had more power in the Danish national final than in ESC

    Maybe I should like it for being a mid 00's ESC throwback, but unlike Moldova that brought it full on, this somehow left me half-way. I don't necessarily find it bad, but it is not the epic piece some try to make it look like, I wrote the other day that they needed a stronger production and even stronger performance for me to get onboard with what they were trying to sell here. But I guess congrats to a top. 10 little neighbor

    Everyone at my party yesterday said it should have been more epic in Danish rather than English, I have to agree.
    Well, it did finish above Moldova, so thankfully the public saw what I saw in this. Shame the juries killed this, but it was to be expected. I thought the semi-final performance was poor. They have level problems. But it was SO much better in the final, and Rasmussen interacting with the crowd really helped. I absolutely found it epic, and it would have done worse in Danish. It's a sing-along song, and wouldn't have worked in anything other than English.
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  4. Ninja
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    Re: DENMARK 2018 - Rasmussen - Higher Ground

    1 point, agreed with the juries... too calculated, cheesy, artificial, lacking oomph for my personal liking.
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