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Thread: PORTUGAL 2018 - Cláudia Pascoal - O jardim

  1. Administrator escYOUnited's Avatar
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    PORTUGAL 2018 - Cláudia Pascoal - O jardim

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  2. Guru musicfan's Avatar
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    Re: PORTUGAL 2018 - Cláudia Pascoal - O jardim

    Quote Originally Posted by ES2011 View Post
    Unfortunately for Portugal also that UK got a few extra sympathy points due to the whole incident.
    I don't think there was much evidence of that. Finland also finished above it. I never expected it to do that well, because last year's song was more a vocal showcase and his charisma had an effect. It was completely different this year with as song that was more about atmosphere, and of course it bypassed the semis. Maybe if Italy had entered it then it would have done better, but Portugal just doesn't have as big a Eurovision reputation.

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    Re: PORTUGAL 2018 - Cláudia Pascoal - O jardim

    Well I don't believe that any extra factors are an explanation for this result. The truth is, imo, and I've mentioned this before, the song got lost amongst all the other songs. It's sad to say so, because I even like the song, but it just had nothing special there for the televoter to support it. If televoters didnt know the song before, it would be completely unnoticed in the evening. Isaura's presence didn't help either. I used to think I liked this song even more than Salvador's, but a week after the final, comparing the performances, the whole songs, I just realised it isn't exactly what I feel. Salvador's song touches me more, in the end, and his performance was memorable and the song did indeed go somewhere. Hating or loving his song, it couldn't be unnoticed because he wouldn't let that happen (for the best or the worst), as he didn't. Cláudia and Isaura did their best but I realised many things were still lacking there , I keep liking the song, it's not the worst the final had to offer, but the televoters had a lot much more "appealing", "entertaining" and yes, even better songs to vote for. In the end it's the kind of things that happen. Not because Portugal is meant to end up with bad results, it's a matter of choice, and this one just didn't fit in what the final was all about. Still, I'm proud we took something different, it's a sweet and gorgeous song, it just didn't have any effect, though. I didn't forget this song because I knew it before. But I confess that in my mind "there were a lot more interesting things" going on than the host song. (Better and worse kind of things mind you. ) It just could end up being forgotten, sadly. After all I mentioned, there wasn't anything better we could have sent this year. Ending with poor results happens to Portugal very often, but it also happens to most of the other countries. It happens more regulary to us because RTP don't have a true interest in doing well. And I'm sure they didn't expect last year's result.

    Currently, the song that is the most unique one, stands out and wins the contest. And that's it. Whether we love them or hate them.

    «Breathe into me and make me real»

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    Re: PORTUGAL 2018 - Cláudia Pascoal - O jardim

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    Re: PORTUGAL 2018 - Cláudia Pascoal - O jardim

    Quote Originally Posted by Nicholas123 View Post
    Oh my

    Isn't it odd to hear it sung in English for the first time when you already 'hear' them in the Portuguese version because you've heard it so many times.

    (I'm worried I might remember it as 'The Flower Watering Song' now)
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