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Thread: Semi-final vs. final performance

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    Re: Semi-final vs. final performance

    Quote Originally Posted by Mickey View Post
    The obvious example of a bad semi final.

    I was so pleased when RiskyKidd nailed it in the final.

    That is interesting, I liked the semi-final performance way more. He was nervous, yeah, but he had himself under control. The final was already too much for me, too much jacket-flipping :'D
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    Re: Semi-final vs. final performance

    There are always some differences between semi final and final performances.

    For example, Croatia was quite good in the SF last year. The final performance was really bad.

    Bulgaria was, for some reason GREAT in the final. But I couldn't feel the song at all when she performed in the semi- final.

    I also found Ukraine being great at the final night and totally flat in the semi final. The list goes on, of course.

    Yea, Iveta was much better in the semi-final.
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