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Thread: escYOUnited - together with #YOU writing the history!

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    Fire escYOUnited - together with #YOU writing the history!

    Hola, amigos!

    #You probably noticed something strange happened? Don't be scared! Meet the new escunited.... or escYOUnited!

    Some circumstances forced us to change our branding and after a lot of work, we are happy to present #you our new brand, new site, new forum look!

    We're still escunited, just now more close to #YOU! escYOUnited is our new face, our new history we are going to write together with #YOU. To New 2017 Year, to New YOUrovision season 2017 with new look!

    #YOU is our new logo and brand word, our main colors are blue, gold-yellow and white

    Hope some of you got YOUphoria , don't forget while mentioning us in socials use hashtags #you #escyounited and #escunited

    And in the end, we want to make #you a present for Holidays coming - we increased size of uploading avatars up to 130x130 pixels (and this is the recommended size for it to make your avatar look the best)

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    Re: escYOUnited - together with #YOU writing the history!


    First and foremost, fantastic job on the update. It is very visually clean and pleasing to the eyes.

    I do have one observation though. When I'm on my phone, the website seems to not load as fast as it did on the previous version of the forum. I'm not sure if the issues are on my end or not. (My phone has the newest android software and receives LTE when not on WiFi) This is definitely not a complaint because the additional wait is only like 1 extra second. I just wanted to ask the team know if there is something I can do on my end to make it load the same way that it did before.


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