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I really think suffers from a Stockholm Syndrome. If by now, with yet again 12th place, didn't ring a bell about the contests, then it never will. And I heard Masevski, the composer of the song "Dancing through life" and "Love will lead our way", said that: "we did everything right, we just have no luck". It's more than luck. You have to pay the juries in order to do well in both contests. And second, you are not Australia. The jury results, pretty terrible (with Ireland and Cyprus completely ignored), reflected this by putting Georgia first (I see that they are hovering this junior contest, as they are constantly in the top3) and if that wasn't a wtf moment, then I dunno what is. The online voting in the last 15 minutes was a disaster. The web-site was down most of the time and it allowed space for manipulation (I mean it's not sms, it's easier to shuffle a poll).
Blah blah blah blah, i guess we saw no bad costume, weird stage effects, weak vocals or extremely boring song.
That was all in my imagination on the night.