Let's have a good laugh by making the lyrics from the music we love even funnier!

The rules are simple: Pick any song, have the lyrics go through as many languages as possible using Google Translate, with the final target language being English.

Okay, let's start!

Simon & Garfunkel - The Boxer

I'm just a poor boy.
Tell your rare
Mumblings minimum wage bag,
Something that promises
error Dido
However, listening to what you want to hear
And fools.

I left my house
And my family,
I have more than one child
in the company of foreign
Station Peace,
Where to go, and wearing a
Looking for work
You know.

-Lie La-lying ...

But the needs of workers
I came to find a job,
But surely there
This is a whore
Avenue seventh
It did not work,
I had no time, and parents,
I took some comfort.

-Lie La-lying ...

And I'm not a winter
I said:
go home and
New York, where winter
I did not shed blood,
water and
I am going home.

The draft law is a boxer,
And troop activities
and Memory
For example, gloves,
So it was to reduce power
anger and shame,
"I will not leave, I will go.
the army

-Lie La-lying ...