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Thread: UKRAINE 2017 - O.Torvald - Time

  1. Administrator escYOUnited's Avatar
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    UKRAINE 2017 - O.Torvald - Time

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  2. Expert
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    Re: UKRAINE 2017 - O.Torvald - Time

    Quote Originally Posted by Fierro View Post
    I still think that song matters. People tend to vote for good songs, not for countries (if you are not diaspora). That song didn't sound appealing though camera work was okay. Performance just couldn't impress audience. Even my mom didn't remember that we sang something
    I know that it is a very underaverage-popular Song for Ukraine, but THAT low Results are very surprising. But i read a few days ago that Gaitana was more unpopular for the Audience, so it seems that the Song was just not good enough, even if it stood out the rest.

  3. Legend
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    Re: UKRAINE 2017 - O.Torvald - Time

    Quote Originally Posted by Realest View Post
    The only Explanation for that Result may be that the Country itself is very unppular because of all the Problems they had with Russia
    Our "relationships" with Russia were no different last year when Jamala won

    So-so song, horrible staging ("thanks" to STB), weak energy on stage ("thanks" to O.Torvald). + we don't have a brainless diaspora which votes for us no matter what.
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  4. Legend
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    Re: UKRAINE 2017 - O.Torvald - Time

    My review of "Time":

    -Ukraine is a very popular nation in ESC, they always send songs that resonate with the public and know how to stage them properly. Personally, I've appreciated some of their efforts this decade: "Be My Valentine" (2009) and "Gravity" (2013) come to my mind. On a side note though, I thought "Be My Guest" (2012) was horrible and I didn't care for "Angels" (2011) and "Tick Tock" (2014), which were meh to me. However, this is when Ukrainians send serious songs that they are the best, I loved "Sweet People" (my personal winner of 2010) and adored "1944" (my personal winner of 2016), aka one of the best winning entries of all times imo, I'm so glad they won with it. Speaking of this year though, hosts' entries are traditionally meant to justify their presence rather than aim for a victory, so it's no surprise to see them send a bummer most of the time, and Ukraine 2017 is no exception to me. "Time" is a pop-rock song performed by a band called O.Torvald. Well, the assets of that act were that they brought a style no one had this year (which made them stand out de facto) and proved Ukrainian men actually weren't a myth (because we all know Ukraine is all about female soloists). I run out of positive things to say about it because the song does absolutely nothing for me, it isn't the worst song of the year by any means imo (far from it), yet it's the only song of that edition I can't bother listening again because it bores me for some reason. Honestly, I probably listened to it like five times since I first heard it, which is unprecedented for me since I regularly watch the official DVD and stuff. I don't know, it just lacks any kind of appeal to me, it's neither original nor quality pop-rock music. It begins with a quiet introduction made up of electric guitar notes and vocal distortions, Yevhen then starts singing softly the few lines of the short first verse. Soon the instrumentation takes us to a more familiar pop-rock sound with drums and electric guitars. The pre-chorus features a slight change of pace regarding vocal melodic lines and backing voices add a mysterious/atmospheric layer to the main vocals. Then comes the chorus with full-blown drums and guitar riffs, the melody here is probably the "catchiest" part of the song, even though it's not as powerful as one could have expected. A brief break ensues before the instrumentation resumes, the second verse and chorus are identical to the first ones, so I get to the bridge which is made up of pauses with sound effects and instrumental breaks meant to show the rockiness of the song. Then a final pre-chorus and chorus completed the track. I have to say I'm not impressed at all by this composition: the melody isn't really memorable, the silences between parts actually make the whole thing sound disjointed, the bridge itself is very meh... It suffers from the same flaws as Triana Park's "Line". We've heard better pop-rock entries in recent years imo. Pros: the music genre made them stand out. Cons: impersonal melody, disjointed-sounding construction.

    Actually, I think the highlight of the song would be the pre-chorus ("Time to look, time to see, time to find") rather than the chorus, which didn't light my fire.

    -Vocally, I guess Yevhen was okay for the most part. I mean I don't think he had a particularly interesting voice - and I prefer more assertive vocal tones for this kind of song (François from Minus One and the main singer from Highway were more credible vocally for me) - but he did the job, even if he seemed to struggle on the higher notes of the melody.

    -Visually, the Ukrainian team did everything to give this song stand-out visuals. Of course, as a rock band, they had to pretend to play instruments. The performance began with the band bathed in a moving blue background and standing in front of a giant humanoid polygonal head (which represented mankind iirc). During the chorus, they added blue and white strobe lights to bring dynamism and words in English appeared on the LED screen. The background then turned to a darker shade. It's only when the bridge kicked off that it really took off imo, lightning streaked the dark background, the eyes of the giant head lit up and white strobe lights reappeared. As for the last chorus, they used orange (finally a warmer tone!) and a mountainous sunrise replaced the cosmic vortex they previously had. The best effect though was the body of the humanoid displayed on the floor in trompe l'oeil style, as if it was standing up through the stage (but it came too late). Outfit-wise, Yevhen - and his colleagues - wore long grey tank tops. Overall though, even if I think their team did their best to make their home soil performance worth watching, it still remained uneventful for the most part (and the cold tones didn't help either). The song was just too weak to be elevated visually imo. Decent job in the visual department: not their worst effort, but not their best one either.

    -Results-wise, I honestly forgot about O.Torvald during the voting, so I didn't make any sort of prediction. I'm not really surprised (or outraged) by their 24th placing: juries as expected didn't like it and viewers still managed to rank them 17th, which isn't too bad given the song tbh. In my personal ranking, "Time" is 42nd out of 43 (yes, The Netherlands are now 41st lol), not because I think it's a bad song, but because it's the song that bores me the most this year. It was too impersonal and uninspired to me. See you next year guys, I hope to see you back on track.

  5. Ninja
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    Re: UKRAINE 2017 - O.Torvald - Time

    Unpopular opinion alert: One of my favourite entries from Ukraine.
    It's pure perfection from start to finish but I do love some heavier rock sounds. It always gets me in trance and after listening to it, I would like to listen to it again and again and again. Huge replay value for me!

    Very underrated!
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