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Thread: SWEDEN 2017

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    SWEDEN 2017

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    Re: SWEDEN 2017

    People in Eurovision forums and sites they want Loreen to win just because of her past and because is Loreen. I heard the full song and it’s nothing special. The 1 min snippet SVT released honestly is the best part of the song.

    I’m rooting for Wiktoria.

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    Re: SWEDEN 2017

    Now that she's been rechristened Looren in a rather feeble attempt to get around copyright, I present to you, Kyloo Ren:

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    Re: SWEDEN 2017

    Quote Originally Posted by DaFlo View Post
    Well Euphoria was only 2nd in it's rehearsal poll

    And anyway, the televoting will be most likely irrelevant because of the app, so the International Jury will decide the winner
    Look at that! I also remember that Danny Saucedo got more semi-final votes than her

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