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Thread: ICELAND 2017 - Svala - Paper

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    ICELAND 2017 - Svala - Paper

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    Re: ICELAND 2017 - Svala - Paper

    But Icelands Jury was not very nice to France, the team they lost 2:5, putting it on 24th Place. [23 25 24 20 22 ]

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    Re: ICELAND 2017 - Svala - Paper

    My review of "Paper":

    -Iceland have never been a consistent ESC nation as far my taste is concerned: actually, their only effort I've really liked was "Never Forget" in 2012, while the rest ranged from meh to very annoying. As a result, I wasn't expecting much from their current entry, which was half a mistake: "Paper" is rather good, I'd consider it easily the second best Icelandic entry I've heard since I follow the contest. I love the quite exotic beat, the melodic lines are lovely even though the verses are little too short compared with the chorus, which somehow sounds like alternative pop with a retro varnish. The additional sounds used are deliberately vintage, I like that. I like the bridge too, but it's too short. Overall, I think the chorus is too present, I would have liked one less chorus and more time for expanding the composition. It's a good entry, a rather interesting one, but I somehow fail to completely get behind it because of that. Pros: professional, original and lovely concept, even lyrically. Cons: Too much of the chorus, too little of the rest.

    It's an unpopular opinion, but the highlight of the song for me is the kind of ""rapped" second verse, unexpected but the flow is lit. I just love that part, too bad it's short imo.

    -Vocally, Svala did a great job, her live vocals are similar to the studio version. Her vocal tone is interesting, at times I feel like I hear Cyndi Lauper.

    -Visually, this was... minimalistic, to say the least. Honestly, I think Svala deserved a better presentation than a random blue background with black geometrical shapes: it wasn't eye-catching at all. The blue minerals shown later on looked cheap, but it could have been interesting to develop this idea design-wise. The best part was the bridge when green lasers appeared... I believe they should have had those during the entire performance actually, the stage would have looked less basic. Outfit-wise, Svala's was special, she seems be to be into fashion anyway. Her white cape and suit with a bold decolletage was already kind of a statement, but I wasn't ready for the platform shoes to complete the look! The shoes aren't my thing - because they look like bricks on anyone - but it worked with her outfit. She does her, I like arty clothing.

    -Results-wise, I had seen the odds prior to the semi, so I wasn't surprised Iceland didn't get through. Still, I don't understand why they've been so underrated - even though it had its flaws - the composition was rather solid and interesting enough to be rewarded. I would have liked them to qualify personally. To sum up, the song was nice: not great, but not bad at all given the semi 1 lineup and previous Icelandic entries. The performance was great, but the staging was non-existent: tbh I don''t need fancy stuff to be satisfied, yet I truly think it was too anonymous visually. Shame. On another note, Iceland could have been my number one this year had they sent the runner-up Dađi Freyr Pétursson and his amazing song "Is This Love?", it was different and so addictive! Such a missed opportunity! Well, who knows? Maybe next year you will come up with something as outstanding as this Hope never dies.

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