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Thread: GREECE 2017 - Demy - This Is Love

  1. Administrator escYOUnited's Avatar
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    Sep 2009

    GREECE 2017 - Demy - This Is Love

  2. Veteran
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    Re: GREECE 2017 - Demy - This Is Love

    Quote Originally Posted by Realest View Post
    I have to disagree.
    First Montenegro also gave 12 Points to Greece and Armenia at least 10. So the Cyprish Jury was not the only one who celebrated Demy. And the Next is, that Demy is very successful in Cyprus which might influence the Juryvoting. And as i mentioned before, cyprish and greek Juries dont usually exchange 12 Points, like the last 2 years proved. And the next is i think that it is alright if the Juries voted (nearly) like the Televoter, cause if not, we have the same case like Poland 14/16 or Italy 15 etc.. which will lead to more complaining.

    And i have to disagree that Levina was better than Demy of Course
    Fair enough I forgot about Montenegro also giving them 12pts, that's true. However, let's not forget the Greek jury also gave 12pts to Cyprus, which is partly why it came across as a mere exchange of points between neighbour nations to me. But don't get me wrong, I don't mean to stigmatise those two countries in particular, other have done the same this year.

    As for Levina, that's indeed a very personal claim. I believe most people would disagree on that!

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    Re: GREECE 2017 - Demy - This Is Love

    Demys new Single:

    Outside of the ESC-Kosmos she is definitely the most interesting of this Season.
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    Re: GREECE 2017 - Demy - This Is Love

    Good effort, much better than "This Is love", but still so-so for me! Although i have to admit that after a couple of listenings, i cought myself humming it, without even noticing it!

    I cannot see how such songs could take Demy's career a step further. I guess she has to think carefully of her next step in the music industry. A small break and focus on her theatrical (musical) projects would do her good.

    Good luck to her, anyway!

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